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The transportation industry is the most responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Of this, 58% of light duty vehicles, 23% are medium to heavy vehicles.

We Understand Your Challenges

Well-equipped to solve challenges related to in-cab, dry van trailers, reefers, chassis, containers, and cargo

Lack of Visibility
and Tracking

Without accurate visibility into your resources, you struggle with asset retrieval and reassignment. Furthermore, the absence of tracking technology prevents you from meeting customer demands, especially when you need to ensure timely, temperature-controlled, and complete cargo deliveries, which can result in missed business opportunities.

Poor Integration Capabilities
and Manual Data Collection

The challenge lies in seamlessly integrating a diverse set of vehicle types, such as dry vans, flatbeds, and tankers, while avoiding the inefficiencies of manual data collection and interpretation across disparate systems.

Concerns About
Driver Safety

Not being able to monitor driver behavior or understand what events are causing accidents can pose danger to your vehicles and your drivers.

Security Risks
and Theft

Feeling vulnerable to tampering and theft situations? Without a reliable way to track the location of your vehicles, it makes it challenging to detect theft and unauthorized use, which results in higher liability and financial losses.

Unidentified Causes
of Wear and Tear

The lack of data on real-world usage coupled with no way to track your vehicle inspections results in unplanned spend on repairs and inefficient maintenance practices.

Navigating ELD Compliance
and Sustainability Mandates

Addressing the challenge of ELD compliance and the complexities of government mandates for ESG reporting and fleet electrification.


To combat the driver shortage, the industry will need to hire 1.1 million new drivers, an average of 110,000 drivers per year.

Transforming These Obstacles into Advantages with Powerfleet

Improved Tracking
and Utilization

Experience real-time insight into your resources via GPS tracking, empowering you to maximize asset utilization and reduce operational costs. In addition, our proactive and preventative maintenance capabilities enable you to reduce breakdowns and avoid unnecessary service costs.

Proactive Safety Measures
and Accident Analysis

Leverage real-time in-cab insights on driver behavior and history, including speed, impacts, driver fatigue, and more, to develop driver scorecards and coaching opportunities. Additionally, use video and analytical data to comprehensively understand accidents, from before, during, to after the event, reducing litigation risks and exonerating drivers not at fault.


Streamline your driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) by automatically recording hours of service (HOS), vehicle engine data, movement, and miles driven using an electronic logging device (ELD).

Holistic Visibility with
a Unified Platform

Our deep and rapid integration capabilities make acquiring new fleets easy! Our Unity platform ingests data from all of your disconnected data sources, including OEM and TMS systems, and transforms this data into real-world, decision-grade insights within a single pane of glass. These insights empower you to make more informed decisions at the speed of business.

Advancing Your
Green Agenda

Decrease fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and wear and tear of vehicles with eco-scoring insights. Further, electrify your fleet with Powerfleet. Having insight into your fleet efficiency, including age, total cost of ownership, and miles per gallon enables you to see which vehicles may be a good fit for moving to electric.

A Successful
Delivery Journey

Our temperature monitoring and control offering provides you with insight into deviations from pre-defined environment thresholds, and remote control of on/off and temperature set points – enabling you to drive an efficient and reliable cold chain operation.

We’re not just about advanced technology and data insights;
we’re about impactful results.

Reduced Cost and Liability

Use livestream data to enhance driver coaching to reduce accidents on the road and decrease fuel costs.

Increased Vehicle Longevity

Reduce downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to ensure you don’t overspend and can extend the life of your resources.

Boosted Asset Utilization

Know where every asset is, its condition, and how best to use it for maximum ROI. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are the lifeblood of a successful business. Ensure resources are planned, allocated, and utilized effectively to meet and exceed customer expectations.


Improve supply chain resilience today!

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