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The new asset and cargo visibility platform raises the bar in logistics asset management. We created the most powerful tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities for both assets and the freight within.

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We pioneered the use of wireless technology to control, track, and manage forklift fleets. For decades, we have been at the forefront of global innovation to deliver world-class forklift fleet management solutions.

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Manage your entire fleet. Track and analyze everything from where your assets are, what condition they’re in, why they’re getting into accidents, who’s been operating them, and how often they’re being used.

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The 3G sunset has already begun. We can help you come up with a plan to avoid service disruptions.

Latest News

Day & Ross Again Selects PowerFleet Telematics for Total U.S. Trailer Visibility

PowerFleet will be expanding the deployment of its LV-500 solar-powered trailer tracking solution to transportation company, Day & Ross’ U.S fleet operations. With a focus on performance and reliability, Day & Ross will be implementing the solution across a fleet of 3,000 trailers to achieve better asset visibility and increased utilization. After the successful rollout of PowerFleet’s trailer tracking solution to Day & Ross’ Canadian fleet, the company has decided to expand the solution to its U.S. operations. Day & Ross has become a pivotal player in transportation and logistics in North America with its operational footprint expanding even further after the acquisition of A&S Kinard and Buckler Transport in 2019. 

PowerFleet Receives 2021 IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award

PowerFleet LV-500 and LV-710 Honored for Excellent Innovation…

PowerFleet Launches Vista, an Advanced Vehicle Video Solution with AI Capabilities

PowerFleet announced the launch of Vista, a best-in-class in-vehicle video solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and proactively manage risky driving situations across fleets. With Vista, PowerFleet is expanding its image technology portfolio, which includes the patent-pending LV-710 freight camera for trailers and containers and the CP4 System designed for the industrial truck market.

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PowerFleet transforms the way organizations manage mobile business assets — like forklifts, cargo trailers, and connected cars. We control, track, analyze, and optimize hundreds of thousands of assets all over the world to be safer, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

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