Safety and Security

Feel confident in the safety and security of your assets, vehicles, and people

Purpose-Built Solutions to Keep You and Yours Safe and Secure

Mitigating the potential for incidents is no doubt one of your primary concerns. Accidents can damage lives and property, delay cargo deliveries and tarnish your company’s reputation in the market, making driver safety and security critical.

Benefits of Safety and Security

Reduce Cost and Liability

Use Unity’s livestream data to enhance driver coaching and performance to reduce accidents on the road and in the warehouse.

Increase Asset and Vehicle Longevity

Reduce downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to ensure you don’t overspend or underspend against budget and extend the life of your resources.

Protect Brand Reputation

Avoid nuclear verdicts, false claims, lawsuits, and compromised brand perception with Powerfleet Unity.

Increase Driver Retention

Use third-party data to help identify danger spots for your drivers and proactively work around them to further reduce risk.

Our Capabilities

We are a strategic partner with you on your journey to true digital transformation. Real people, helping change agents like you, help the real people at the heart of your business.

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Powerfleet’s Unity platform, advanced modular solutions, and data science can help you save lives, time, and money.