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Build a safe, compliant, and highly efficient operation

Take Your Workplace Safety, Efficiency, and Employee Retention Levels to New Heights

In the fast-paced environments of manufacturing facilities and automotive warehouses, managing a mixed fleet of material handling equipment (MHE) alongside workplace safety and productivity concerns can feel like a complex puzzle. Optimizing efficiency while staying compliant with strict health and safety regulations is just the start. On top of that, you have labor shortages, manual processes, and unplanned equipment downtime that often leads to bottlenecks, extra costs, and increased risks.

You don’t have to navigate this challenging territory alone. Powerfleet offers real-time data and advanced software solutions that empower you with ultimate fleet visibility and control, so you can bolster safety measures, streamline processes, and achieve day-to-day operational excellence — leading to greater safety, efficiency, productivity, cost savings, employee morale, and more. With our fleet intelligence platform, you can access real-world, decision-grade insights to help you:

  • Enhance your safety culture
  • Reduce liability and costs
  • Extend your material handling equipment longevity
  • Protect your brand reputation

Common Challenges We Can Overcome Together

Labor Challenges and Efficiency Strain

Labor shortages in the manufacturing and automotive industries strain resources, prompting you to require more from employees to meet business goals. You may have to rely on inexperienced employees to operate material handling equipment amidst pedestrians and racks of product, which poses serious risks. All of this can have negative impacts on productivity, morale, employee retention, and overall business health.

With Powerfleet, you have the real-time data and insights you need to revolutionize your fleet operations and increase efficiency, safety, and productivity. For example, you can manage access privileges to your material handling equipment, based on unique driver identification, to determine who uses it, how they use it, and when. By optimizing your safety and security levels, you’re more likely to attract and retain quality employees.


Pedestrian Safety in High-Density Environments

The nature of your industry’s workplaces means pedestrians will often have close interaction with heavy, material handling equipment, such as forklifts — and this creates critical safety concerns. Preventing injuries while ensuring smooth, productive operations is of the utmost importance.

Powerfleet’s advanced AI-driven system provides real-time driver notifications and identifies alert zones to help you improve safety. It works in conjunction with our Forklift Gateway (VAC) and Speed Manager products to help identify near misses, capture event details like breach location, time, and driver identification — and even slow or deactivate a forklift accelerator pedal when an alert zone is breached.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting regulatory health and safety compliance requirements is paramount, and you simply can’t afford lengthy or disorganized processes that hinder adherence. Streamlining and automating compliance activities is crucial for optimal efficiency and risk management — but many manufacturing and automotive companies still rely on manual, error-prone processes.

Powerfleet empowers you to confidently and digitally manage regulatory compliance; streamline compliance workflows with automated safety checklists; control vehicle access to certified personnel; and reduce the risk of violations and litigation.

Unplanned Equipment Downtime

When material handling equipment is down, it slows operations and increases costs. You need a way to simplify maintenance efforts, enhance equipment longevity, and minimize unplanned downtime.

Powerfleet equips you with a proactive and preventive maintenance approach that leverages real-world, real-time usage hours and alerts to help you identify potential maintenance issues. This helps to ensure you don’t under or over-service your equipment so you can keep it running longer and maximize uptime.

Manual Management and Disparate Data Systems

Too often, managers rely solely on manual processes to manage their fleet and safety activities, as well as to create compliance, maintenance, and utilization reports. This can lead to blind, error-prone, biased reporting — and poorer results. Likewise, having disparate data systems across your fleet can hinder data unification efforts and create additional inaccuracies and problems.

Powerfleet provides an OEM-agnostic fleet intelligence platform that not only connects and harmonizes data from your on-campus fleet of forklifts and other vehicles but also unifies business operations through advanced ingestion and integration capabilities. For example, our Unity APIs enable data integration across diverse systems, allowing a seamless fusion of Powerfleet data with other business platforms. Furthermore, our detailed KPI dashboards offer an in-depth view into your operations, enhancing reporting accuracy, capturing real-time insights, and enabling swift, informed decisions.

Mixed Fleet of Various OEMs

It’s common to have a mixed fleet of various OEMs. However, manually gathering, monitoring, and interpreting data from an array of different systems results in incomplete insights, biased decisions, and operational inefficiencies.

Powerfleet’s OEM-agnostic fleet intelligence platform takes on the heavy lifting by ingesting data from all your disconnected data sources, including Powerfleet IoT devices, 3rd party devices, OEMs, and business systems. By transforming this data into real-world, decision-grade insights, you can make more informed decisions — and feel confident about expanding your fleet in whatever way benefits your operation. Our solutions are easy to install in any material handling equipment, and fast to implement as you bring in new vehicles and equipment.

Data-Powered Solutions to Help You Succeed

Increase Safety and Security

  • Access real-time data to track driver performance with scorecards, identify unsafe practices, and offer targeted coaching to improve safety outcomes.
  • Use our advanced telematics and pedestrian safety solutions to monitor high-risk areas and activities. Provide real-time driver notifications that identify alert zones, and slow or deactivate a forklift accelerator pedal when an alert zone is breached.
  • Leverage forensic data to understand what happened before, during, and after an incident; prevent future incidents; and reduce litigation risks.

Lower Costs and Boost Performance

  • Access real-time, real-world usage hours and alerts to shift maintenance efforts from reactive to proactive. Identify potential issues quickly to reduce breakdowns and extend equipment longevity.
  • Simplify maintenance efforts, optimize maintenance schedules, minimize unplanned downtime, and cut costs through a well-informed preventive maintenance approach.
  • Take advantage of our OEM-agnostic fleet intelligence platform to achieve greater equipment flexibility, cost savings, and efficient lifecycle management.

Strengthen Regulatory Management and Compliance

  • Uplevel your compliance efforts with AI-powered data that ensures compliance, minimizes risks, and lowers chances of potential litigation.
  • Confidently manage health and safety regulatory compliance, streamline compliance workflows with automated safety checklists, control vehicle access to verified personnel, and reduce the risk of violations and litigation.
  • Automate compliance reporting to save time and enhance reporting accuracy with up-to-date data provided by our integrated fleet intelligence platform.

Improve Visibility and Resource Management

  • Harness our Forklift Gateway (VAC) and Digital Video Recorder to swiftly address incidents with automated event capture and proactive operator monitoring. Streamline investigations, pinpoint issues, and bolster productivity with integrated real-time insights.
  • Boost employee accountability via managed access privileges and mandatory inspections, which help reduce equipment damage and costs. With precise access controls and impact detection, you can optimize equipment usage to ensure efficient operations while enhancing safety.
  • Use unified data to increase your flexibility in selecting the most suitable equipment for any task. Powerfleet’s OEM-agnostic fleet intelligence platform gives you complete visibility into all your material handling equipment.

Enhance Sustainability Efforts

  • Use real-time data to enable efficient resource allocation, minimize waste, and contribute to sustainable practices.
  • with our AI-powered Pedestrian Proximity Detection Real-time driver alerts and zone identification decrease safety risks posed by quiet electric vehicles in your warehouse and yard, ensuring that workplace safety is front and center.

Reduce Expenses with Advanced Fuel Management

  • Use our advanced fuel management solution to precisely monitor fuel consumption and eliminate costly errors.
  • Increase fuel revenues and reduce fuel costs.
  • Optimize short-term rentals.

Benefits Distribution and Warehousing Companies Love

Enhance Your Safety Culture

Become a company of choice by prioritizing and excelling in workplace safety, which can help you attract and retain quality talent in today’s shrinking labor market.

Reduce Liability and Costs

Use livestream data to ensure only certified drivers operate your equipment; monitor driver behavior to help reduce accidents; and use vehicle-location insights to protect your assets.

Extend Your Equipment Longevity

Reduce forklift (and other equipment) downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to stay within budget and extend the life of your assets.

Protect Your Brand Reputation

Leverage our data-driven safety solutions and forensic data to avoid costly accidents and potential lawsuits that could compromise your safety culture and brand perception.

Explore What’s Possible with Powerfleet

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