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Access real-time data to improve safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction

Power Your Operation with Complete Visibility into Your Vehicles, Assets, and Workforce

Every day, operations like yours depend on successful fleet management to improve safety, reduce risk, streamline maintenance costs, and increase resource utilization. It’s also required to optimize fuel costs, manage a smooth transition to electric vehicles, and more.

However, truly effective fleet management is difficult to achieve without complete, real-time visibility of what’s happening in your mixed fleet of vehicles, assets, and drivers. Powerfleet unites all your assets and vehicle types together on a single, device-agnostic platform — empowering you with real-time data and insights that you can easily use to make smarter, more profitable decisions.

With Powerfleet’s Unity fleet intelligence platform, you can access real-world, decision-grade insights to help you:

  • Reduce risk, costs, and liability
  • Extend vehicle and asset longevity
  • Boost asset utilization and productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Common Challenges We Can Overcome Together

Lack of Visibility 

Your fleet and workforce manage various tasks from customer appointments to infrastructure maintenance, to emergency responses. Without tracking capabilities and accurate visibility into your vehicles, equipment, and personnel, you may not be aware of their locations or availability. This can lead to operational inefficiencies and poor customer service — as well as greater vulnerability to theft and unauthorized use of your resources.

Powerfleet provides you with complete fleet visibility and real-time, real-world insights so you can optimize asset utilization, enhance resource allocation and deployment, and reduce operational costs. You can streamline operations to ensure optimal crew dispatch for appointments and emergencies. Plus, you’ll have the data intelligence and usage patterns you need to uncover dangerous activities and hidden expenses related to off-business usage, unauthorized driving, geofence entries or exits, idling, and dormancy. You can also deter theft and quickly recover assets if stolen.

Concerns About Driver
Safety and Accident Risk

Not being able to monitor your drivers’ behavior or understand what events are causing accidents can pose a significant danger to your field technicians and vehicles. Ensuring their safety is a constant concern, as is mitigating risk and liability resulting from accidents. You need a clear view of driver behavior so you can improve driver coaching, address risky behaviors, reduce and prevent accidents, avoid litigation, and protect your drivers.

With Powerfleet, you receive real-time, in-cab insights on driver behavior and history — including speed, impacts, driver fatigue, and more — to develop driver scorecards and coaching opportunities. Additionally, advanced video capabilities and analytical data can help you comprehensively understand what happened before, during, and after accidents so you can reduce litigation risks and exonerate drivers not at fault. It also enables proactive mapping of high-risk areas and activities to prevent future incidents.

Ineffective Fuel

Fuel is usually a fleet’s largest operating cost. Volatile fuel prices, fuel theft, and pressure to advance sustainability efforts create ongoing challenges in managing this expense. Moreover, without real-world, decision-grade insights into fuel consumption, potential fuel fraud, and carbon emissions, it’s impossible to optimize fuel management. This can have a direct impact on your organization’s bottom-line performance and ability to achieve corporate ESG goals.

Powerfleet equips you with practical insights into the behaviors negatively contributing to fuel consumption. By reducing excessive idling and revving you can boost your fuel economy and your business’s profitability. Additionally, you’ll have the data intelligence to detect fuel theft, as well as determine fleet efficiency. You can also access data on every vehicle’s age, total cost of ownership, and miles per gallon to see which vehicles may be a good fit for moving to electric.

Vehicle Maintenance
and Performance

Keeping track of maintenance schedules and understanding wear and tear across your diverse fleet of vehicles is critical to keeping your operation moving, and your customers happy. The absence of real-world usage data and the inability to monitor vehicle inspections can result in unplanned repair costs and inefficient maintenance practices, leading to unexpected downtime.

Utilize Powerfleet’s data-driven insights from engine diagnostics to enable proactive and preventative maintenance scheduling. Receive instant notifications about engine fault codes and asset diagnostics to easily prioritize repairs. These real-time, real-world insights can help reduce breakdowns and unnecessary services, increase operational efficiency, and enhance overall fleet performance.


Demanding Customer

Ensuring uninterrupted access to essential services such as communication, power, and water is vital. Beyond causing inconvenience to customers, disruption to these essential services can result in financial loss and reputational damage to your business. Furthermore, a high volume of inbound calls from customers inquiring about their technician’s whereabouts can be overwhelming.

We can help you meet demanding customer expectations by providing real-time updates on technician locations, thereby reducing constant customer inquiries and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Real-time GPS tracking empowers efficient monitoring of service vehicle locations, ensuring precise crew dispatch for customer appointments, infrastructure maintenance, and emergency response tasks.

Poor Integration Capabilities
and Manual Data Collection

Outdated coordination methods and manual data collection from a mixed fleet of vehicle types and disparate systems can lead to blind, error-prone processes that negatively impact resource allocation and costs. The sheer volume of data from multiple, disparate systems is unmanageable, resulting in data latency, inaccuracy, and inconsistency — along with the inability to derive real-world, real-time insights that can help you improve operations.

Our device-agnostic platform, , takes on the heavy lifting by ingesting data from all your disconnected data sources, including IoT devices, 3rd party devices, OEMs, and external data. Serving as your true one-stop shop for data aggregation and visualization, Unity transforms that data into real-world, decision-grade insights so you can make more informed decisions.

Data-Powered Solutions to Help You Succeed

Increase Safety and Security

  • Utilize livestream data from dash cameras to swiftly identify risky driver behavior patterns, enable proactive driver coaching, minimize accidents, and safeguard field technicians’ well-being.
  • Use our accident reconstruction insights to understand what happened before, during, and after an accident to establish its true cause and potentially mitigate liability.
  • Bolster overall fleet security and safeguard valuable equipment with comprehensive asset and vehicle tracking. Prevent theft, ensure uninterrupted operations, and minimize unplanned costs.
  • Enhance theft recovery capabilities with accurate, real-time location information, enabling you to act quickly and recover stolen assets.

Reduce Expenses with Advanced Fuel Management

  • Use advanced fuel monitoring to immediately detect and address fuel theft, safeguard resources, and maintain operational integrity.
  • Improve fuel efficiency by up to 20% through real-time coaching and data-driven insights. Cut costs and reduce environmental impact.
  • Easily uncover causes of hidden costs and losses — such as vehicle usage in off-business hours/days and driver behavior that negatively impacts fuel economy.

Lower Costs and Boost Performance

  • Leverage data-driven insights based on live engine diagnostics to enable proactive and preventative maintenance scheduling. Minimize vehicle downtime, reduce breakdowns, and maximize operational efficiency.
  • Receive instant notifications on potential health issues to better prioritize repairs and streamline maintenance efforts.
  • Boost your fleet’s performance and align with sustainability goals by implementing eco-friendly practices and reducing environmental impact.

Strengthen Regulatory Management & Compliance

  • Simplify compliance with real-time data, streamline reporting processes, and ensure adherence to regulatory compliance standards.
  • Use detailed data tracking and comprehensive documentation to simplify audits — as well as reduce compliance risks and potential penalties.

Improve Visibility and Resource Management

  • Ensure accurate vehicle locations, optimize response times, support better task execution, and boost productivity through complete fleet visibility.
  • Efficiently integrate assets for precise job coordination. Reduce costs, optimize resource allocation, and enhance operational efficiency.

Enhance Sustainability Efforts

  • Understand the environmental impact of your fleet with eco-scoring insights. Use vehicle emission and fuel consumption data to decrease fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and vehicle wear and tear.
  • See which vehicles may be a good fit for moving to electric with insights into vehicle efficiency, including age, total cost of ownership, and miles per gallon.
  • Achieve ESG goals and demonstrate your sustainability commitment.


In-house designed products to power efficiency, reliability, and growth

Vehicle Gateway Enterprise

Intelligent Fleet Management with Dual CAN Interface


In-Vehicle Video for Complete Fleet Operations Visibility

Asset Gateway

Critical Asset Visibility with Ultra-Low Maintenance and Long Battery Life

Benefits Field Service Companies Love

Reduce Risk, Costs, and Liability

Use Unity’s livestream data to monitor driver behavior and enhance driver coaching to reduce accidents and fuel costs; and use vehicle location insights to protect your assets.

Extend Vehicle and Asset Longevity

Reduce downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-time, real-world usage and history to ensure you don’t overspend and can extend the life of your resources.

Boost Asset Utilization and Productivity

With Unity, you know where every asset is, its condition, and how best to use it for maximum ROI. Use this visibility to uncover inefficiencies, streamline operations, and increase productivity.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are the lifeblood of a successful business. We can help you more effectively plan, allocate, and utilize resources to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Explore What’s Possible with Powerfleet

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