Advanced Fuel Management

Become more efficient and cost effective with your fuel usage

Purpose-Built Solutions to Manage Your Fuel Effectively and Efficiently

Fuel is your fleet’s largest single source of operating cost. As such, fuel consumption and fuel fraud deserve special attention. You need to optimize consumption and reduce theft or other loss when and wherever possible given, which has a direct impact on your organization’s bottom-line performance.

Powerfleet’s solutions help you track driving behaviors that are negatively impacting your fleet’s fuel economy, with tools specifically designed to optimize the usage of fuel across your fleet. Our solution takes a deep dive into identifying the causes for fuel waste and provides actionable insights on how your fleet can reduce consumption.

Benefits of Advanced Fuel Management

Decrease Fuel Cost

Leverage data insights to improve driver behavior and reduce events such as impermissible driving and unnecessary idling.

Achieve Sustainability Goals

Advance your company’s green agenda with Unity’s ability to ingest, process, and enrich ESG data from any IoT device and third-party business system.

Increase Asset and Vehicle Longevity

Reduce downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to ensure you don’t overspend or underspend against budget and extend the life of your resources.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are the lifeblood of a successful business. Ensure resources are planned, allocated, and utilized effectively to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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