Visibility and Resource Management

End-to-end visibility for your data-driven business decisions

Purpose-Built Solutions to Provide You With Holistic Visibility

You may be blind to critical data points or you may have too much data to make sense of. Whichever it is, Powerfleet is here to help. Our purpose-built solutions provide you with the complete picture so you can ensure your resources are appropriately utilized, inefficiencies are addressed, and bottom line is improved.

Benefits of Visibility and Resource Management

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are the lifeblood of a successful business. Ensure resources are planned, allocated, and utilized effectively to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Optimize Asset, Vehicle, and People Utilization

With Unity’s 360 degree view of your powered and non-powered assets you can improve utilization, which lowers capital costs and helps ensure you have the right resources available for the job.

Decrease Cost

Unity’s data insights from your IoT devices and business systems helps you identify inefficiencies to improve your bottom line.

Increase Productivity

Unity’s single pane of glass helps uncover inefficiencies and improve productivity

Our Capabilities

We are a strategic partner with you on your journey to true digital transformation. Real people, helping change agents like you, help the real people at the heart of your business.

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Powerfleet’s Unity platform, advanced modular solutions, and data science can help you save lives, time, and money.