Empowering ESG Transformation: Unleash the Potential of Sustainable Fleet Operations 

Sustainable Fleet Transformation: Powering ESG Initiatives and Fleet Electrification 

Government mandates and consumer pressure to combat climate change are more prevalent than ever. Powerfleet’s Sustainability Data-Powered Application is a dynamic data visualization tool fueled by our SaaS-based fleet intelligence platform Unity. Empower your global environmental, social, and governance  initiatives by seamlessly integrating and optimizing your business operations. Accelerate the electrification of your fleet and position yourself as a leader in the green revolution. 

Benefits of Sustainability

Cost Reductions & Tax Benefits

Unlock fuel efficiency, eliminate idle time, and drive proactive maintenance for substantial savings from sustainable operations.You can also benefit from tax exemptions.

Transition to Electric Vehicles 

Unity is ready to support your transition to electric vehicles (EV). Tap into hundreds of EV data elements to optimize fleet planning, battery range, safety, and maintenance. 

Comply with Government Mandates and Regulations

Tie relevant data from your fleet into thirdparty systems and reports. Simply showcase the results of your ESG initiatives with clean, enriched data.  

Reduced Carbon Footprint & Material Waste

Your carbon footprint is more than just fuel usage and fleet electrification. Combine relevant ESG data from your assets, vehicles, people, and third-party business systems with Unity. Know how to take action with enriched, decision-grade data that affects your bottom line. 

Improve Brand Reputation  

Consumers and businesses alike increasingly value the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Maintain and expand your customer base by advancing your green agenda.

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