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Industrial Vehicle Impact Management

Intelligent Impact Management Technology in Powerfleet Enterprise Vehicle Management Systems (VMS) Conventional Impact Sensing

When it comes to impact sensing for industrial vehicles, one must use careful consideration evaluating technologies. Depending on the volume of trucks and drivers in your facility, and the complexity of the jobs performed there are different types of impact management that may meet your needs. The main things to consider when assessing the various impact technologies are the likelihood of false alarms, the risk of missing events you wanted to know about, and the types of actions you want to take when the impact occurs.

Even today, impact sensing for industrial vehicles is a “gray science”. Pick the wrong technology and you could be plagued by false alarms, excessive vehicle shut downs, and needless disruption of productivity, often resulting in systems falling into disuse.

To help reduce the risk of investing in the wrong system, Powerfleet offers a variety of solutions from traditional static G-force threshold systems to more advanced dynamic calibration solutions that use algorithms and combine factors such as initial force and sustained force over some time.

Static G-Force threshold systems like Powerfleet Essence and Expert require more time to properly configure and provide benefits in improved driving from operators knowing they’re being monitored, as well as capturing harsh events. Dynamic algorithms like Powerfleet Enterprise, self-configure in a short period, capture more events without disrupting operations and provide total flexibility in taking different actions for different levels of impact.

This paper details the inner workings of the Powerfleet Enterprise impact management system algorithms and how you can use them to generate value. Typically, customer profiles who pursue this technology have ample fleet size or diversity in fleet mix, terrain type, and driver aptitude.

Powerfleet Enterprise has taken technology to a whole new level.