Powerfleet for Industrial


Protecting ramp personnel and assets through real-time visibility
and reporting, access control, and geo-fenced security.

Vehicle Management System for Your Ground Service Equipment

 The safety of thousands of people every day rests in the hands of the personnel on the ramp.
Our Aviation platform keeps ground operations running smoothly for airlines, ground handlers, and airport authorities.

Automatic, on-vehicle driver authentication system

Electronic vehicle safety inspection checklists

Real-time equipment visibility on the airfield

Geo-fencing to secure runways and unauthorized areas

Detailed, customizable reporting software and dashboards

Vehicle speed management and impact sensing

Aviation White Paper

Managing aircraft Ground Service Equipment (GSE) effectively poses significant challenges. Tens of thousands of GSE vehicles operate at airports around the world. The vast majority are not keyed, because it is impossible for drivers to keep dozens of keys in their pockets. But that means anyone can take and use any piece of equipment without accountability for its use (or abuse), and without any visibility to the vehicle’s owner.

Equally challenging to managing GSE fleets is controlling the significant costs of vehicle acquisition, vehicle maintenance, and operator labor the single largest cost component of ground handling operations.

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Example Savings

You are delivering outbound bags to scheduled flights

You need to move three fully loaded baggage carts to Gate 7

Your standards say a trip should take 7 minutes and 30 seconds per round-trip of labor “allocated” for the delivery

The actual time recorded by your VMS is 5 minutes and 45 seconds (average over the course of several months), indicating the standard can be modified

RESULTS: A 23% reduction of the time standard and paid resource level. This process, applied to all of your labor planning, translates to a significant cost savings based on reallocation in your workforce or reduction in future hiring plan with no impact on your operation.

Questions To Ask

  1. Are my operators driving safely?
  2. Why does it take some employees longer than others to do specific tasks?
  3. How long should it take to do a specific task?
  4. How can I measure what the true standards should be?
  5. Do I have the right amount of vehicles in my fleet and can I still meet peak demands? Why are some operators paid overtime while others are not working their full shifts?
    Where do we need to focus our labor resources today?
  6. How do we forecast vehicles and operators needed for future workflow?
  7. How do we prevent baggage from missing key connections?
  8. Am I maintaining my vehicles efficiently? Can I increase vehicle “uptime”?

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Powerfleet transforms the way organizations manage mobile business assets — like forklifts, cargo trailers, and connected cars. Our technologies control, track, analyze, and optimize hundreds of thousands of these assets all over the world. We help organizations be safer, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

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