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Safety. Security. Maintenance. Visibility. Resource Management. Sustainability. Compliance. These responsibilities are rapidly evolving and soaring in importance. Keeping up with today’s demands, while considering tomorrow’s expectations for your fleet is more challenging than ever before. But, with the right partner, this becomes an opportunity for you, your team, and business to shine.

Make this a reality by joining us for the Powerfleet Customer Conference in Nashville, TN on June 27-28 2023. Expand your network and connect with industry experts and peers. Meet with Powerfleet executives to discuss the state of the industry, learn about the latest in fleet technology, and gain new tips and tricks to grow and succeed. Our array of educational sessions and networking events assure you leave feeling empowered to reach your goals today and to tackle any challenges that come your way in the future.

Furthermore, your insights are vital to the ongoing development of our solutions and services. Take part in interactive sessions to shape the future of the Powerfleet platform.

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Meet Our Keynote Speaker, Mike Mooney

Managing your fleet can feel like a high-speed chase. Who better to guide us into the future than someone who spent their life in the fast lane?

It would be easy to say that Mike Mooney’s career has been going in circles for more than 25 years in the high-speed world of professional motorsports. An award-winning executive, Mike built and protected the reputations for global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, 3M, NASCAR, IndyCar, Sunoco, Tylenol, Walmart, Sprint, Kellogg’s, Lowe’s, and Eli Lilly.

Now, Mike speaks, coaches, and consults on Continuous Improvement, Peak Performance, Mindset, and Reputation. He challenges his audiences to embrace the High-Performance Vehicle that is in each of us  to stay on track and in position to win!

Mike has also written the book “Reputation Shift – Lessons from Pit Road to the Boardroom,” in which he shares his knowledge on how his expertise in building and protecting the reputations of top global brands. Get ready to learn and be inspired by Mike’s strategies on how “Champions Stay Champions.”