Intelligent Solution for Real-Time Monitoring of Vehicles, Drivers, and Cargo.

Fleet Management

The Cello-CANiQ is an advanced fleet management solution, based on the LTE CATM1, which utilizes a smart algorithm to combine data from various vehicle environment interfaces. These interfaces include standard CANBUS and OBD, driver identification, serial communication with third party devices, a wide range of measurement ports, and more. All of these interfaces are designed and configured for maximum flexibility with CAN data aggregation, filtering, processing and event triggering. 

With advanced multi-source data analytics delivered by the Cello-CANiQ, your business intelligence is reinforced and operating costs are reduced, largely due to lower fuel consumption, reduced warranty expenses, improved driving habits, and optimized maintenance processes.

The Cello-CANiQ is suitable for a wide range of applications such as fleet management, driver behavior, cold chain, proactive maintenance, and car sharing.

CANiQ Features

  • Direct connectivity and data analytics for tha vast majority of vehicle data buses and interfaces, enalbling a wide range of applications driven by the vehicle CANBUS data
  • Dual CANBUUS interface – K-Line vehicle interface and CAN interface can work simultaneously
  • Supports the following standards:
    • OBDII
    • CAN2.0 (ISO 15765, ISO 14229)
    • K-Line (ISO 14230 parts 1&2, ISO 9141-2)
    • J1708 (SAE J1587)
  • Supports the following hardware:
    • BLE for wireless sensor integrations
    • Multiple Driver ID methods
    • 10 General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) connections
  • Variety of embedded algorithms for calculating a trip’s total fuel consumption, based on different available CAN parameters, resulting in increased ROI realization
  • Flexible tool to configure vehicle-data collection and manage real-time and powerful on-board logic engine
  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) reporting logic over supported CANBUS/K-Line protocols with a flexible and configurable maneuver and trip scoring logic; includes on-board ECO and trip safety scores calculations, and online & real-time driver feedback display
  • AutoCAN – automates the process of finding the correct configuration for a specific vehicle by automatically searching through our vast library of more than 3,000 vehicles.

Cellular Communication

CAT M1: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B8, B12, B13, B18, B19, B20, B26, B38

Cellular Communication

CAT M1: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B8, B12, B13, B18, B19, B20, B26, B38

The OC-55/59

Part of the Powerfleet Expert System


The OC55 Expert system offers the basics of industrial truck fleet management to bolster your safety practices. It has been designed to ensure that pallet jacks, boom lifts, scissor lifts, sweeper/scrubber and other material handling equipment are used by authorized operators while meeting HSE regulation compliance. Get easy to understand data and perform in-depth analysis through Powerfleet’s cloud-based software application.


The OC-59 builds on the OC-55, boasting a cellular based solution that ensures site managers in warehouses, manufacturing, distribution, retail and construction/outdoor environments can have peace of mind knowing that only certified operators are using the equipment. The OC59 delivers total visibility and management, with control and views that can be tailored to sites or departments, even in harsh outdoor environments. View dashboards of recent event trends, expired operators, and vehicle status in Powerfleet’s cloud-based software application.


  • Simple connections and on-screen Wizard for easy, reliable installation
  • Dynamic screen menus and icons for intuitive navigation and interaction
  • Flexible firmware and screen fonts to support multiple languages
  • IP67 sealing, rugged keypad, and fused cables for long-term reliability
  • Self-diagnostics and snap-in connectors for easy maintenance


  • Forklift load sensing (travel with load vs. deadheading)
  • Speed management
  • Battery management
  • Seat/deadman switch monitoring
  • UL-approved EE/LPS forklift compatibility

The VAI-100

Pedestrian & Vehicle Warning System

The VAI-100 Pedestrian and Vehicle Warning System is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) camera solution designed to help prevent accidents and avoid damage for industrial vehicles such as forklifts. This AI camera solution notifies operators of potential hazards and imminent danger and help maintain a culture of safety at the worksite without the need for special tags or apparel. The VAI-100 can operate as an independent warning system or connect with Powerfleet’s industrial telemetry systems to provide reporting to our cloud-based software, VisionPro, for further reporting and analysis capabilities at the management level.