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Our fleet intelligence platform unites people, assets, and IoT device data together
on a single platform to transform the way our customers do business.

Every asset, vehicle, and person all in a unified platform with Powerfleet Unity

Powerfleet Unity, our fleet intelligence platform, is capable of ingesting, processing, and enriching data from Powerfleet devices and sensors, third-party devices and sensors, vehicle and infrastructure OEMs, and integration data sources, resulting in meaningful data insights to improve business operations and advance digital transformation initiatives. Powerfleet Unity’s Cognitive Data Engine applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to power traditional operational benefits as well as new data-powered applications to solve our customer’s most intractable challenges.

Data-Powered Applications

Unity’s extensive integration library of data sensory device types coupled with our modular, business performance improvement solutions allow customers to receive rapid speed to value and deliver dramatic positive change to their business.

Safety and Security

Use livestream data to enhance driver coaching and performance to reduce accidents on the road. In addition, use third-party data to help identify danger spots for your drivers and proactively work around them to further reduce risk.

Advanced Fuel Management

Proactively manage fuel costs, avoid fuel theft, coach drivers based on driving behaviors, and achieve sustainability goals.

Maintenance and Performance

Reduce downtime, breakdowns, and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to ensure you don’t over or under service assets to avoid unnecessary costs.

Regulatory Management and Compliance

Automate compliance workflows, record keeping, and enable your drivers to focus on getting to their destinations safely and on time.

Visibility and Resource Management

Analyze asset, vehicle, and people utilization to avoid costly rentals, reduce theft, and under-used resources to increase efficiency and ensure your team is where they are needed.


Advance your green agenda. Unity is ready to support your organization’s transition to electric vehicles (EV) with hundreds of EV data elements to optimize fleet planning, battery range, EV safety, and maintenance.

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Seamlessly Manage From a Single Pane of Glass

From track and trace, to being able to mix and match different solutions needed for hybrid fleets under one single pane of glass, Powerfleet Unity enables you to add different IoT devices as needed. These include driver/road-facing cameras, ELDs, cold chain sensors, vehicle/asset tracking, cargo monitoring, and access to third-party device data.

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