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3g Sunset is here. Partner with technology experts who have extensive experience in helping fleets make the transition.

What does the 3G sunset mean for you?

The sunset of the 3G network is here. But what does that really mean, and more importantly, what does that mean to your company and your fleet?

3G sunset puts you at risk of losing visibility of your fleet assets. Delaying the transition will mean losing visibility to your trucks and assets and the optimization that you were getting from being able to manage their locations. In addition, with the microchip supply issues that companies faced in 2021, a fleet that has not yet addressed the 3G sunset could be left behind its competitors in 2022.

Some assets have more sensitive information needs such as reefers with FSMA requirements and ELDs with hours of service requirements. Any ELD that relies on 3G cellular connectivity to operate will no longer comply with the technical specifications set out in the ELD rule after the sunset.

Therefore, the risk of waiting to upgrade from 3G may jeopardize fleet visibility, operational execution, and also regulatory requirements. Putting together a migration plan now is critical to avoid these problems and unlock benefits.

What are the 3G sunset dates?


February 22, 2022

Sprint 3G (T-Mobile)

March 31, 2022

Sprint LTE (T-Mobile)

June 30, 2022

T-Mobile 3G

July 1, 2022

Verizon 3G

December 31, 2022

Why trust your transition to Powerfleet?

Unlike many competitors, we have an extensive track record of experience, a deep understanding of customer requirements, and we can help you scale from a few assets to large fleets while adhering to best practices.

  • Extensive Track Record


    We have previous experience with transitioning customers from Analog to 2G to 3G.

  • Deep Understanding of Customer Requirements

    We understand the unique challenges of retrofitting your fleet when you can’t stop operations.


    Deep Understanding of Customer Requirements

  • Our Client Base


    Powerfleet works with some of the most recognizable brands in the world, from Walmart to Knight Transportation.

  • We Provide a True Bumper-to-Bumper Solution

    Powerfleet provides a broad range of 4G LTE-compatible solutions across all asset types, from intermodal equipment to in-cab solutions to trailer and reefer to cargo visibility.


    We Provide a True Bumper-to-Bumper Solution

  • 20 Years of Experience


    Powerfleet has 20 years of experience in logistics telematics with more than 125,000 telematics devices in the field, spanning in-cab ELDs, dry van trailers, reefers, containers, chassis, tankers, flatbeds, and much more.

“After using other telematics solutions, we refined our requirements and realized we were in need of a partner with a reliable solution that is prepared for the LTE transition. Powerfleet has not only prepared us but the visibility and control its LV-400 solution provides will help us to reduce load and loss damage as well as help with overall cost reduction.”

Randy Arceneaux, President & CEO, Panhandle Transportation Group

“Next generation technology such as the Powerfleet LTE LV-100 devices will be crucial to our expansion across the U.S. An overhaul of our entire fleet would normally be a massive undertaking, but Powerfleet’s proven technology is flexible and easily integrates to our transportation management software, taking the headache out of the upgrade process.”

– Nino Alagna, President, All Truck

We Solve Fleet Management For:


Customer Success Story

Milestone Equipment has been using Powerfleet solutions for asset visibility and to track utilization. During our 3G sunset webinar, they shared what their experience has been like working with Powerfleet to upgrade their fleet of chassis.


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The Urgency Behind the Need for a Seamless Transition from 3G to a 4G/LTE-Enabled Future


“Even before [the 2022 3G shut down] happens, experts are warning that a drop in the number of total 3G cell sites across the United States could constrict their communications to one channel. The sunsetting of 3G means even fleets that are fully compliant with the mandate need to “make sure the equipment they have in place is on a network that will give them adequate coverage going into the next couple of years,” explained Doug Schrier, vice president of product and innovation for Pegasus Transflo.

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“Think of [the 3G sunset] like an abandoned road: At first, you might still be able to access it, but over time, the lack of maintenance and repair make it impossible to use. We expect the sunset will happen gradually, with providers cutting back coverage in lower volume areas, resulting in coverage gaps prior to full network shutdown. A gradual sunset process may pose significant challenges to fleets that rely on 3G networks to communicate with drivers and vehicles, as well as to collect important data related to fleet safety, compliance and overall performance.”

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