Powerfleet Reefer Temperature Monitoring

Maintain Complete Control with Confidence

Reduce Costs

manage the reefer engine, fuel costs, maintenance costs and prevent cargo theft

Improve Customer Service

provide your customers with accurate arrival and departure times, pre-chill the trailer to reduce dwell time, create alerts for set landmarks

Maintain Compliance

get the accurate proof of temperature data needed for FSMA compliance

Increase Utilization & Revenue

get complete visibility over idle trailers

Refrigerated or “reefer” trailers play an important role in the supply chain by transporting food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable products. Like any other trailer, visibility gained from telematics is key in optimizing your operations. But unlike dry van trailers, reefers often require immediate action to avoid costly damage to the sensitive cargo that they carry. That’s why it’s important to invest in a reliable cold chain visibility and control solution from a trusted partner.

“After using other telematics solutions, we refined our requirements and realized we were in need of a partner with a reliable solution that is prepared for the LTE transition. Powerfleet has not only prepared us but the visibility and control its LV-400 solution provides will help us to reduce load and loss damage as well as help with overall cost reduction.”

— Randy Arceneaux, President & CEO, Panhandle Transportation Group

“If a carrier experiences cargo loss or not, if they’re not using the technology, they’re not keeping up. Your business is being passed by your competitors, who are offering better service than you are. When you look at the Food Safety Modernization Act, this is just part and parcel of the whole chain from start to finish. You need that data. It’s important and will help you back up against any claims and just make you a more attractive carrier to potential customers.”

— Billy Barnett, Sales Representative, East-West Express

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