Complete Logistics Visiblity

LV-500 + LV710

Power Up Your Vision With the Dual-Powered Asset Tracker and Freight Cam Combo

LV-500 and LV-710 sensors together

Better Visibility, Together

LV500 Solar Tracker + LV710 Freight Cam


Dual-Powered Asset Tracking

Technology breakthroughs in power management, wireless sensing, and analytics are helping fleets see and know more. The LV-500 is the industry’s first dual-powered asset tracking solution. Solar-powered supercapacitors (supercaps) and long-lasting primary batteries ensure unmatched service life and critical event visibility. The LV-500 combines advanced wireless sensor technology, a cloud-based application, and analytics to increase turns, utilization and profit. Gain insight into your fleet and freight to improve utilization, optimize fleet size, and drive customer satisfaction.


Real-Time Freight Visibility

The LV-710 FreightCam® combines a high-definition camera, image recognition processor, door sensor and ‘cargo-area’ environmental sensors for true freight visibility and condition. The LV-710 allows your operations to obtain root cause analysis for claims, including location and visual proof. The LV-710 FreightCam can be triggered by door open/close, beginning / end of drive, or at a time interval. The device is easily updated with over-the-air firmware and configuration.

2021 IoT Innovation Award

Powerfleet has received the 2021 IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award for its LV-500 solar tracking solution with the LV-710 freight camera from IoT Evolution World and IoT Evolution Magazine, the leading print and online voices of the high-growth Internet of Things marketplace. The award honors excellence in innovation utilizing IoT technologies to automate asset tracking functions to increase efficiencies, reduce theft, or optimize utilization of the asset.

IoT Asset Trackign award 2021

Get Ready for the 3G Sunset

The 3G sunset has already begun. The LV-500 and LV-710 have 4G LTE connectivity to give you peace of mind that your fleet is covered. Check out our whitepaper or reach out to find out how we can help you come up with a plan to avoid service disruptions.

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