Solutions for Cold Chain Logistics

Access real-time data to drive an efficient, reliable, and sustainable cold chain operation

Increase Fleet Visibility, Cold Chain Integrity, and Customer Trust

Cold chain logistics involves unique complexities and challenges that extend beyond standard logistics operations. Success hinges on meticulous management, maximum control, and real-time temperature and humidity monitoring from starting point to destination. Powerfleet addresses these intricacies by integrating IoT tracking devices, refrigeration units, and environmental sensors into a purpose-built smart trailer solution, creating a comprehensive cold chain platform.

With Unity, our fleet intelligence platform, you can:

  • Monitor and control temperature and humidity across the supply chain journey
  • Empower your drivers to maintain precise temperature control
  • Enhance customer service and satisfaction
  • Reduce waste and lower operational costs

Common Challenges We Can Overcome Together

Temperature Monitoring and Control 

Maintaining the integrity of the cold chain — through which temperature-sensitive goods like food and pharmaceuticals are transported — is a paramount challenge. Variations in temperature lead to product spoilage, costly recalls, and customer dissatisfaction.

From origin to destination, Powerfleet provides precise and continuous temperature monitoring, remote control on/off, and temperature set point — all of which are crucial to a successful cargo journey.

Our OEM-agnostic Unity platform and seamless, bi-directional integration with Carrier® Transicold and Thermo King® chillers allows you to remotely control reefer units so your drivers don’t have to manually adjust the temperature. 

Asset Management and Security  

Your organization may manage a large inventory of rolling stock that’s remotely distributed over states and even countries. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about losing inventory when you safeguard and track it with Powerfleet.

With our yard check feature, you can see how many assets are in a specific geographical location, view an asset’s location in the yard, select the closest asset, and locate assets by condition.

Our cargo status feature provides accurate and reliable percent-load status, images of vehicle interiors, and conditions such as temperature, humidity, and doors.

Further, our search capability shows you an asset’s latest event status and pulls a list of trailers with conditions: landmark, dormant timeframe, loaded, and empty.

Fuel Efficiency and Sustainability 

Cold chain logistics often involves long-haul transportation, where fuel consumption is a significant cost driver. In addition, there may also be the challenge of integrating more electric vehicles (EVs) into your fleet as part of your company’s green initiatives.

We offer ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint to help you save costs and meet your sustainability goals. This includes hundreds of EV data elements to optimize fleet planning, battery range, EV safety, and maintenance. 

Meeting Compliance Requirements 

Compliance with government mandates is crucial to protecting both consumers and companies. Powerfleet’s digital logs make it easier for your drivers to prove food shipments were kept in safe conditions. This helps decrease compliance issues and ensure adherence to local and global safety regulations.

In addition, Powerfleet provides an in-cab Compliance and Workflow Management solution. It complies with Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations and enables efficient Hours of Service (HOS) management — helping your drivers focus on reaching their destinations safely and on time, while keeping you in compliance.

Too Much Data, Too Little Insights 

Have you heard of “indatagestion?” It’s a serious condition where organizations are flooded with data, but unable to make sense of it or use it in meaningful ways.

At Powerfleet, we know that just having access to data isn’t enough. We provide historical and real-time environmental condition data insights to help you make carrier selections based on performance, set temperatures based on seasonality, and understand trends across your reefer assets.


Data-Powered Solutions to Help You Succeed

Increase Safety and Security

  • Use our integrated asset tracking and monitoring solution to prevent asset theft and loss, increase security, and ensure operational continuity. 
  • Go to our Accident Reconstruction Engine to quickly access vital accident data to help streamline resolution and enhance safety. 

Reduce Expenses with Advanced Fuel Management

  • Boost fuel efficiency by 15% and save costs with real-time driver coaching and data-driven insights.
  • Combat rising fuel expenses and reduce environmental impact by optimizing fuel consumption and promoting sustainability.

Lower Costs and Boost Performance

  • Gain insights into idling, revving, and load management to enable proactive and preventative maintenance scheduling and optimize vehicle performance.
  • Access real-time data on vehicle and asset utilization to prevent costly maintenance delays, address issues promptly, and minimize downtime.

Strengthen Regulatory Management & Compliance

  • Avoid costly regulatory penalties by facilitating compliance guidance for drivers and simplifying regulatory processes.
  • Get real-time driver performance, safety, and HOS information combined with vehicle performance and route status updates to maximize fleet efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Keep your drivers connected to the system — even when away from their vehicles — with critical ELD compliance information that’s accessible via mobile devices and tablets.
  • Easily generate detailed IFTA-compliant reports for tracking fuel consumption and mileage data across state and provincial lines, simplifying tax documentation.

Improve Visibility and Resource Management

  • Achieve complete, real-time visibility of your vehicles, assets, and overall fleet operations to optimize asset allocation, resource management, and overall operational efficiency.
  • Harness Powerfleet’s comprehensive view to make informed decisions, reduce waste, save costs, and boost productivity.
  • Locate vehicles by type, status, events, and availability, and gain insights into vehicle usage and historical events by location.

Enhance Sustainability Efforts

  • Address the environmental impact and high fuel consumption of traditional fleets by facilitating EV integration and promoting fuel-efficient driving practices.
  • Align with your sustainability goals while saving on fuel expenses.

Benefits Cold Chain Logistics Companies Love

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Deliver cargo on time, in full, and within the required environmental conditions — thanks to regular environment recordings that help drivers act quickly and prevent problems.

Increase Utilization to Reduce Costs

Maximize asset, vehicle, and people utilization. Curb idling and revving and improve load management to help decrease fuel consumption and costs.

Boost Your Drivers’ Efficiency

Use our seamless, bi-directional integration with Carrier® Transicold and Thermo King® chillers to remotely control reefer units, saving frequent driver interaction and time.

Maximize Fleet Insights and Control

Gain greater visibility and control of your assets with temperature, humidity, door-status, and fuel-level sensing and logging, along with vehicle tracking and much more.

Mitigate Risk and Liability

Use Unity’s livestream data to enhance driver coaching and performance. Reduce accidents and avoid nuclear verdicts, false claims, unfair lawsuits, and poor brand perception.

Reduce Vehicle Down Time

Reduce downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to help you stay on budget and extend the life of your resources.

Explore What’s Possible with Powerfleet

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