Solutions for Car Rental and Leasing

Drive an outstanding customer experience and a more profitable operation

Gain a Competitive Advantage and Greater Control of Your Fleet

To fuel growth and profits, car rental and leasing enterprises must deliver exceptional customer experiences at competitive prices. However, with up to hundreds of thousands of assets on the road, it can be difficult to manage a cost-effective, efficient, and profitable rental fleet. Vehicle wear and tear, theft, and billing inefficiencies are just some of the challenges you face.

Specifically built to automate car rental and return processes, Powerfleet’s technology combines in-house designed hardware with practical, data-driven solutions to help you increase operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, profit margins, and your market edge.

With our Unity fleet intelligence platform, you can access real-world, decision-grade insights to help you:

  • Increase fuel revenues and reduce fuel costs
  • Optimize car rental, return, and processing speed
  • Gain real-time insights for better fleet control
  • Drive constant operational improvement

Common Challenges We Can Overcome Together

Operational Discrepancies and Inefficiencies 

Billing accuracy is nearly impossible when you don’t have access to constant, reliable data on location, duration, mileage, tracking, and fuel usage. Because of this, fuel and mileage billing often require an agent to visually inspect the dashboard, costing precious time.

Preventative maintenance can also be difficult to track, and you may have to rely on customer feedback when there’s an issue.

Powerfleet equips you with high-accuracy fuel tracking, fuel efficiency/tank management, mileage logging, and maintenance data collection capabilities. These can help you increase billing resolution accuracy, solve payment failures, reduce manual processes, and streamline operations.

Theft, Safety, and Insurance 

Vehicle tracking systems are not always offered by OEMs and can be very costly. Without tracking, your assets are vulnerable to theft, making insurance premiums higher. In addition, the inability to monitor driver behavior puts your operation at further risk of liability.

Powerfleet’s state-of-the-art fleet tracking technology empowers you with visibility into vehicle location and faster stolen vehicle recovery. Further, our safety solutions provide insights into driver behavior — as well as protection against potentially fraudulent or pre-meditated claims via route replay, real-time alerts, and accident reconstruction.

Better yet, Powerfleet can help you obtain competitive, variable insurance rates based on your vehicles’ safe driving profiles and usage.

Unhappy Customers 

From check-in to vehicle return, customers expect easier processes, faster service, and greater convenience in their car rental experience than ever before. Powerfleet’s purpose-built solution for the car rental and leasing market can help you improve customer satisfaction with keyless entry, remote unlocking services, and more.

Our solution includes a unique tracking device — Keyless Gateway — especially designed for easy installation and critical-data recording within rental fleets.

Captured data can be accessed via APIs and/or directly within Powerfleet’s Unity platform to help improve your check-in and return processes, after-hours management, and overall customer satisfaction.

Managing a Mixed Fleet with Diverse Systems and Manual Data Gathering 

It’s no small task to manage a mixed OEM fleet, including a diverse set of IoT devices and systems that lack standardized features and data sets. Our OEM-agnostic platform, Unity, takes on the heavy lifting by ingesting data from all your disconnected data sources, including IoT devices, 3rd party devices, OEMs, and business systems.

Serving as your true one-stop-shop for data aggregation and visualization, Unity transforms that data into real-world, decision-grade insights so you can make more informed decisions. Unity enables you to manage multiple OEM relationships with ease and stay current with evolving tech, all within a single pane of glass.

Expanding Your Fleet 

While having a fleet of connected vehicles provides enormous benefits, integrating the technology can be a complicated process for many car rental and leasing companies — especially as they expand their fleets. And the last thing you need is to be slowed down by tech issues.

That’s why Powerfleet’s solutions are easy to install in any vehicle make or model — and fast to implement and scale as you add new vehicles to your fleet. We provide a convenient library of OBD-II code interfaces, wireless downloads of software upgrades, and more to ensure smooth, seamless integration.

Data-Powered Solutions to Help You Succeed

Increase Safety and Security

  • Use convenient, real-time alerts to safeguard vehicle inventory, aid in theft recovery, ensure prompt vehicle returns, and manage your fleet more efficiently. 
  • Improve customer experience and drive revenue growth with value-add offerings like accident reporting and driver behavior scorecards. 

Reduce Expenses with Advanced Fuel Management

  • Use our advanced fuel management solution to precisely monitor fuel consumption and eliminate costly errors.
  • Increase fuel revenues and reduce fuel costs.
  • Optimize short-term rentals.

Lower Costs and Boost Performance

  • Take advantage of automation — including real-time alerts and keyless check-in/check-out — to optimize maintenance processes and reduce operational costs.
  • Perform data-informed proactive and preventive maintenance to minimize breakdowns and unnecessary services and improve fleet performance overall.

Strengthen Regulatory Management and Compliance

  • Automate compliance workflows.
  • Create digital checklists to minimize errors, reduce fees, and enhance resource allocation.

Improve Visibility and Resource Management

  • Leverage precise billing based on real-world usage to prevent revenue loss and improve inventory planning.
  • Use location-based services and reporting to better manage inventory and overcome physical constraints.
  • Gain real-time insights to quickly identify ready-to-rent cars and optimize car return and processing speed.

Enhance Sustainability Efforts

  • Align your fleet operations with company-wide sustainability goals by quantifying and reporting carbon footprints more effectively.
  • Enhance the EV-driving journey by providing charging-location information and battery monitoring, while increasing customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship.


In-house designed products to power efficiency, reliability, and growth

Benefits Cold Chain Logistics Companies Love

Maximize Fleet Insights and Control

Gain greater visibility and control of your assets with insights into real-world KPIs like average miles, hours of use, and more. Also, better understand vehicle resale values based on usage.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Use our Keyless Gateway solution to enable secure, automated check-in and check-out processes and deliver a contactless, convenient, self-service customer experience.

Extend Vehicle Life

Reduce vehicle downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to help you stay within budget and extend the life of your assets.

Reduce Costs and Liability

Use Unity’s livestream data to monitor driver behavior and help reduce accidents; and use vehicle location insights to protect your assets.

Explore What’s Possible with Powerfleet

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