Solution Delivers Real-time Tracing and Inventory Management for Increased Optimization and Cost Savings

WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J., April 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cellocator by Powerfleet, Inc. (Nasdaq: AIOT), a global leader and provider of subscription-based wireless Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions for securing, controlling, tracking, and managing high-value enterprise assets, provided Comasco with an IoT solution for real-time tracing and inventory management of their rented crane parts.

Comasco, a leading importer of mechanical engineering tools and equipment for building and construction, decided to modernize its crane business with IoT technology to gain better visibility, utilization, and security over the equipment. Previously, Comasco followed a labor-intensive process for keeping track of expensive rented equipment. By leveraging Cellocator by Powerfleet’s solution for real-time tracking and inventory management, Comasco now has a fully automated process that provides complete visibility of its rented assets at various job sites and regardless of harsh weather conditions.

Cellocator by Powerfleet’s IoT crane solution integrates hardware units, software, and interfaces with a third-party enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, making the knowledge transfer completely seamless. The rugged IP69K CelloSense devices are attached to the crane parts, while the CelloTrack Nano hub is located at the entrance of the warehouse. The combined solution uses algorithmic logic to create a virtual gate that recognizes the ordered crane parts, automatically registering them in the ERP system, and authorizing their exit from the warehouse yard. By having this information, Comasco has complete security over crane parts at the storage yard and at each job site.

The chain of custody of crane parts is a complicated journey with the equipment being delivered to the job site, the assembly and disassembly of parts, and shipment back to the warehouse. The Cellocator by Powerfleet IoT solution enables on-the-fly alerts for proactive actions and complete visibility through Software-as-a-Service local and global map views of all crane parts.

“We are externally proud to be pioneers in our field by bringing the logistics management of crane parts into the IoT age,” said Haim Danon, Chairman of Comasco. “The Cellocator by Powerfleet solution was tailor-made to our needs, enabling us to have complete transparency and see what is happening with every crane part at any given moment, including real-time status of our inventory.”

Avi Magid, President of Pointer and Cellocator by Powerfleet, added: “We are thrilled to be leading this innovative project. When renting crane equipment, large, heavy parts need to be shipped from the warehouse to the customer’s site, and then back to the crane company’s warehouse, making its management a very challenging task that requires many different resources. Our IoT solution enables Comasco to be in constant control of their assets, while increasing their productivity and efficiency.”

About Cellocator by Powerfleet

Cellocator is part of the global Industrial Internet of Things company Powerfleet® Inc (NASDAQ: AIOT). Powerfleet is a global leader and provider of subscription-based wireless IoT and M2M solutions for securing, controlling, tracking, and managing high-value enterprise assets such as industrial trucks, tractor trailers, containers, cargo, and vehicles and truck fleets. The company is headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, with offices located around the globe. Powerfleet’s patented technologies address the needs of organizations to monitor and analyze their assets to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and improve profitability. Their offerings are sold under the global brands Powerfleet, Pointer, and Cellocator. For more information, please visit, the content of which does not form a part of this press release.

About Comasco Ltd.

Since 1963, Comasco has been importing the leading, best known, and most sought-after brands of mechanical engineering equipment into Israel: JCB, Potain, Tesab, just to name few. We have accumulated extensive experience and studied all branches of the heavy mechanical equipment market in depth. Today, Comasco imports hundreds of different models of mechanical engineering tools and equipment and provides service to over 5,000 customers in Israel and to a significant number of Israeli contractors abroad. Our professionalism, and advanced operating methods, enable us to provide our customers with the best-in-class heavy equipment and high level of service.

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