Don’t Just Manage Your Assets,
Make Them Work for You

Securely connect complex, high-value equipment
across your job site or across the globe.

Real-time visibility, awareness and insights across your connected equipment ecosystem.

Powerfleet enables equipment manufacturers, dealers, and construction companies to effortlessly manage large distributed networks of connected equipment assets. Our solutions empower fleet operators and their driver-techs with the visibility, awareness, & intelligence they need to build efficient field service operations.

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Lower Risk

Keep your workers safe and your equipment operating in top form with battle-tested privacy and cyber security protocols.

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Get the most out of every asset
with real-time usage, proactive
maintenance management and
deep insights.

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Streamline transportation and
servicing of critical equipment
assets across your rental and
sales channels.

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Scale & Adapt

Future-proof your technology
investment by leveraging a
global ecosystem of devices
and services.

An elegant blend of smart devices, connectivity and cloud services

When a critical piece of equipment goes missing, malfunctions, or breaks down, it’s more than lost profitability at stake, it’s your reputation that’s on the line.

Powerfleet is a unified asset management solution, specifically designed for heavy equipment manufacturers, dealers, and rental outfits operating in the construction segment. The solution combines industrial-grade Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors, real-time connectivity, and industry-centric AI, which enable our customers proactively manage the location, health, and performance of their capital investments.

ROI: An agile, connected asset ecosystem enables you to dynamically shift equipment resources where and when they are needed most, improve uptime/utilization, and cut costs.

Single-Source Asset Management

Effortlessly orchestrate large numbers of distributed assets on a platform trusted by equipment manufacturers and dealers, worldwide

The Powerfleet Asset Management Platform is a fully integrated solution specifically engineered to solve the complex challenges of next-gen equipment manufacturers, dealers and rental outfits of all sizes.  Simplify the logistical challenges of provisioning, maintaining, and monetizing large numbers of high-value assets all in one easy-to-use platform, purpose-built around your needs.

  • Set automated reports and alerts
  • Differentiate your business with increased visibility and intelligence over assets
  • Track the location and movement of heavy equipment in real-time
  • Control cost with predictive diagnostic and preventative maintenance
  • Boost your bottom line with deep insights into fuel and energy consumption
  • Customizable rules-engine and reporting
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Key Features

Device Security

  • Real-time GPS trace & tracking capabilities
  • Theft prevention, tracking and asset recovery
  • Tamper-proof, covert device installation
  • Secure data encryption and user privacy

Rapid Onboarding & Support

  • Streamlined ordering, training and installation
  • Reduced downtime from offline equipment
  • Over-the-Air device updates and upgrades
  • Long-life battery with solar power options
  • Professional services and 24/7 support

Proactive Workflows

  • Real-time GPS visibility and geofences
  • Predictive maintenance and remediation
  • Proactive 24/7 alert and notification system

One powerful solution – trusted industry centric AI cloud portal and apps.

Where’s your equipment and how is it functioning?
Insights, at a Glance

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Adaptive machine learning delivers actionable intelligence before your equipment goes down or goes missing.

Powerfleet provides deep insights into not only how, but why your construction equipment is performing the way it is.

We enable equipment manufacturers and dealers to transform their isolated, unmanaged assets into interconnected networks of centrally managed resources.

By streaming usage, location, and security data to the cloud, we provide the visibility our customers need to easily provision, manage and maintain large numbers of distributed assets.

  • Track & trace the exact location of rental equipment in real-time
  • Generate automated alerts for safety, security, or operational exceptions
  • Provision of equipment by ID, group, class, location, or contract with ease

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  • Maintain critical assets using the latest predictive maintenance algorithms
  • Optimize fuel usage and eliminate avoidable mechanical wear and tear
  • Improve productivity by boosting equipment uptime, reliability and utilization

Your Single-Source, Multiple-Asset Solution

We know that deploying diverse assets across multiple sites can feel like a juggling act, especially when you’re under a time crunch. We also know that asset utilization is top of mind and when high-value equipment goes down, missing, or is underperforming, cost and risk go up. For over 30 years Powerfleet has been addressing these operational challenges with unified telematics solutions which transcend machine, location, or industry. Our solutions are purposeful, goal-oriented, and engineered from the ground up to provide the seamless visibility our customers need to manage complex ecosystems of mixed assets across multiple verticals including construction, manufacturing, and fleet logistics.

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Powerfleet transforms the way organizations manage mobile business assets — like forklifts, cargo trailers, and connected cars. Our technologies control, track, analyze, and optimize hundreds of thousands of these assets all over the world. We help organizations be safer, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

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