Fleet Management Solutions

Powerfleet’s SaaS-based fleet management solutions are designed to help you gain real-time visibility and data insights in order to reduce cost and liability, increase asset and vehicle longevity, achieve sustainability goals, and improve customers satisfaction

Complete Fleet Management Platform

Being responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your people and vehicles as well as the utilization and longevity of your resources is a tough job. Oftentimes, Fleet Managers are challenged by not knowing where their vehicles are, whether they’re onsite, the health status of their vehicles, and if they have enough to complete the work for the day. On top of that, they need to actively monitor driver behavior to reduce misuse of their vehicles, improve fuel usage, increase driver retention, and decrease liability. The consequences of not being equipped to handle this operation are lower margins, lower customer satisfaction, and higher liability.

With Powerfleet’s SaaS-based fleet management solutions, which includes best in class vehicle telematics and video, you can gain visibility into your orders, fleets, and assets to better manage utilization and maintenance, driver behavior, fuel management, and high-risk incidents – all in a single pane of glass. Our solutions are capable of ingesting, processing, and enriching livestream data from any of your IoT devices and business systems to provide multi-dimensional KPIs, manage driver safety, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Part of Powerfleet’s Unity Platform

Holistic Visibility, Advanced Intelligence, and Industry-Leading Insights for You and Your Fleet

Driver Behaviour and Scoring

With real-time alerts, a wide range of monitored maneuvers, and a dedicated driver app, you will always have the complete picture of your fleet’s safety performance. Your fleet will be able to reduce offenses that can lead to accidents including harsh acceleration, hard braking while turning, over-speeding, lane-zigzagging and more. Better yet, your organization will be able to turn a losing portfolio into a profitable one. Powerfleet’s safety solutions build profiles for each driver within the fleet, continuously monitors all of your drivers, and ranks them – identifying excellence as well as drivers that may need additional training.

Incident Prevention and Reconstruction

Powerfleet’s incident prevention and reconstruction capabilities provide you with the forensic data you need to prevent incidents, respond to events, and understand what happened before, during, and after an accident. The features of incident prevention include warning drivers of unsafe conditions, warning pedestrians of unsafe areas to enter, and capturing metrics for driver coaching and/or facility layout updates. We know word of mouth testimony only gets us so far. Use Powerfleet’s holistic view of an accident to help establish cause and potentially mitigate liability.

Fuel Status and Theft

With Powerfleet’s solutions you can obtain real-time identification of fuel fraud through events and fuel cards integration by matching consumption trends, gas station locations with gas-filling, and sudden drops in fuel tanks. You can easily uncover other hidden costs and losses, such as vehicle usage in off-business hours/days and driver behavior that negatively impacts your fleet’s fuel economy – all of which significantly impacts the overall profitability of your business.

Proactive and Preventative Maintenance

Reduce downtime and prevent roadside breakdowns with Powerfleet’s live engine diagnostics and planned maintenance alerts, which include reminders for your drivers based on the predefined date or odometer. We will send you instant notifications about potential health issues and easily prioritize repairs for your fleet based on importance. Furthermore, our capabilities enable you to create maintenance tasks and work orders so you can ensure the work gets carried out.


Powerfleet’s solutions help you, your drivers, and your back office manage ever-changing global and local compliance regulations. We help to simplify, automate, and streamline compliance workflows to reduce violations and increase productivity. Feel confident in your regulatory management by partnering with Powerfleet, a FMCSA-registered and third-party certified ELD for full compliance in the United States and Canada.

Electrification of Your Fleet

To allow effective and reliable use of EVs, they should be equipped with a set of EV specific telematics capabilities. These capabilities address issues like battery and charging management, accuracy of remaining driving range, and locating of charging stations. The main goal is to avoid situations where fleet managers put vehicles into use without knowing their state-of-charge, or they schedule charging for less-than-optimized times. In addition, we help ensure drivers have the tools to know when and where to charge their vehicles.

Third-Party Integration

Powerfleet integrates with third-party applications, such as routing and scheduling, dispatch, and fuel-card providers. Powerfleet’s Unity platform ingests, processes, and enriches data from any source resulting in meaningful data insights to improve business operations.

Purpose-Built Cold Chain Solution

Our purpose-built cold chain solution unites IoT tracking devices, reefers and temperature sensors along with a purpose-built smart trailer solution to reduce waste, lower costs, achieve sustainability goals, and improve customer service.

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