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Fleet Owner Article: Cargo’s future: safe & secure

January 25, 2021

The article covers some of the most innovative equipment trends in cargo monitoring and securement to help keep fleets ahead of modern logistics issues, ranging from worker shortages to e-commerce growth.

Our GM for Supply Chain, Mark Stanton, connected with John Hitch at FleetOwner to discuss how PowerFleet’s AI-enabled freight camera helps workers better prepare for challenges at the dock.

“Sensors provide part of the story; adding freight cameras offers the whole picture.

“Before the trailer gets to the dock, you’ll know if the load has been unsettled and can allocate the additional resources that may be required to resolve the problem.

…freight cameras, which have an infrared mode, can also identify extra capacity in a trailer.”

Read the full article.

Learn more about PowerFleet’s freight camera solution, the LV-710, and its benefits. You can also request a consultation from our team of experts.

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