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The Safety Challenge

In industrial environments, where forklifts and pedestrians intersect and accidents can have staggering consequences, safety is not just a concern – it’s a necessity.

When a one-second error can mean the difference between a near-miss and a serious injury, having the most advanced, accurate forklift pedestrian safety system working for your team is crucial. This ensures that safety remains the top priority in your operations, safeguarding your team at every turn with an effective proximity system. 

Recognizing this critical need, Powerfleet offers an AI-driven Pedestrian Proximity Detection system designed to enhance forklift and pedestrian safety and create a safer workplace. This solution is not just about preventing injuries, but also ensuring smooth, productive operations, thereby contributing to the well-being and protection of your workforce. 


80% of material handling accidents involve a pedestrian

A single forklift mishap can cost you over $180,000

Solving Your Safety Challenges Together

Swiftly detect potential hazards and impending danger, all without the need for wearable tags or attire, using forklift proximity sensors. 

Shining Light on
Blind Spots

The Pedestrian Proximity Detection system, equipped with forklift sensors, assists the operator in situations where people or equipment may be operating in blind spots, or the operator is temporarily distracted or fatigued. It’s a critical component of our forklift safety systems, designed to minimize risk in every corner of your facility. 


Most operators use our Pedestrian Proximity Detection system to generate two primary alert zones. A caution Zone triggers a visual and audible alert for the operator when the zone is breached. Integrated with our Speed Manager, this also reduces the forklift’s speed. 

The Danger Zone triggers a visual and audible warning for the operator when the closest zone is breached, further enhancing forklift safety.

For equipment integrated with our Speed Manager product, a red zone breach can reduce the acceleration to a minimal speed. 

Made Easy 

Connecting with Powerfleet’s Pedestrian Proximity Detection system is easy through Wi-Fi, Cellular LTE or Bluetooth, making it a seamless addition to existing safety measures and enhancing warehouse pedestrian safety.


The Pedestrian Proximity Detection solution can function as a standalone system and alert the operator to help avoid an incident or can be integrated with our Speed Manager product to slow or deactivate the accelerator pedal when an alert zone is breached.


Our Pedestrian Proximity Detection solution can operate up to four cameras, and each camera can project up to 5 independent alert zones – all processed through our platform. Options include an in-cab display monitor, a highly visible Pedestrian Alert Lightning System and integration to our Forklift Gateway product., effectively turning it into a pedestrian forklift system that prioritizes the safety of individuals on foot in dynamic industrial environments. 

For two-camera systems, Pedestrian Proximity Detection automatically switches cameras to only detect in the forklift’s direction of travel. 

The system can alert for as many people or objects as is required – keeping your environment as safe as possible. 

Integration with
Powerfleet Products 

The solution can also work hand in hand with our Forklift Gateway product to not only identify near misses, but capture event details like breach location, time and driver identification.

We’re not just about advanced technology and data insights; we’re about impactful results

Immediate ROI

Experience immediate ROI as the Pedestrian Proximity Detection system significantly lowers the risk of costly accidents.

Extended Forklift Longevity

Reduce downtime and extend the life of your equipment with fewer accidents and less wear and tear, thanks to our forklift collision avoidance system.

Increased Employee Retention

Boost employee retention in today’s competitive labor market by demonstrating a commitment to safety.

Reduce Cost and Liability

Minimize expenses and legal liabilities by proactively preventing workplace incidents.

Protected Brand Reputation

Avoid lawsuits, compromising your safety culture and brand perception.


Enhance your safety culture today!

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