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April 15-17, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV | Booth #517

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About Powerfleet

Powerfleet is a global leader of internet of things (IoT) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that optimize the performance of mobile assets and resources to unify business operations. Our data science insights and advanced modular software solutions help drive digital transformation through our customers’ and partners’ ecosystems to help save lives, time, and money. We help connect companies, enabling customers and their customers to realize more effective strategies and results. Powerfleet’s tenured and talented team is at the heart of our approach to partnership and tangible success.

Transform Your Car Rental Operations with Powerfleet

Ready to elevate your car rental business to new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction? Powerfleet is here to lead the way at the International Car Rental Show 2024, tackling industry-specific challenges head-on.

Discover purpose-built solutions designed to enhance safety, operational efficiency, and customer experience. From automating rental processes to ensuring timely vehicle maintenance, preventing theft, and managing billing, Powerfleet is dedicated to optimizing operations, cutting costs, and boosting fleet performance.

Join us at the International Car Rental Show, April 15-17, 2024, in Las Vegas, NV, Booth #517 and explore how Powerfleet can transform your operations. Be part of the trend-setting journey to advance every facet of your fleet, ensuring excellence now and readiness for future challenges.

We Solve Our Customers Greatest Challenges

We’re not just about advanced technology and data insights; we’re about impactful results

Billing Inefficiencies

Billing accuracy is nearly impossible when you don’t have access to constant, reliable data on location, duration, mileage, tracking, and fuel usage. Because of this, fuel and mileage billing often require an agent to visually inspect the dashboard, costing precious time.

Theft, Safety, and Insurance

Vehicle tracking systems are not always offered by OEMs and can be very costly. Without tracking, your assets are vulnerable to theft, making insurance premiums higher. In addition, the inability to monitor driver behavior puts your operation at further risk of liability.

Demanding Customer Expectations

From check-in to vehicle return, customers expect easier processes, faster service, and greater convenience in their car rental experience than ever before.

Vehicle Maintenance

Preventative maintenance and wear and tear across your diverse fleet of vehicles can be difficult to track, and you may have to rely on customer feedback when there’s an issue.

Managing Your Mixed Fleet

It’s no small task to manage a mixed OEM fleet, including a diverse set of IoT devices and systems that lack standardized features and data sets.

Expanding Your Fleet

While having a fleet of connected vehicles provides enormous benefits, integrating the technology can be a complicated process for many car rental companies — especially as they expand their fleets.

We’re Here for You

Whether you’re going to NSC Safety & Congress Expo or not, Powerfleet’s unity platform, advanced modular solutions, and data science can help you save lives, time and money. Interested in how Powerfleet can help solve your problems?