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Your Dedicated Powerfleet Support

At Powerfleet, we believe in the power of partnership and support. As our esteemed dealer, you’re never alone on this journey. You have your assigned regional sales manager always ready to support you – whether behind the scenes or directly with your customer.

We understand that each query is unique and sometimes you might be looking for swift resolutions. Give your representative a chance to address your issue and assist you. They’re here to ensure your experience is smooth and your concerns are promptly addressed.

Summer Lorenz

Summer Lorenz

Regional Sales Manager (Southeast)

(m) +1.954.803.2304

Need to escalate? We’re here to help!

If an issue requires urgent escalation, our Director of Dealer channel and VP of Industrial Sales are just a call away, ready to swiftly address your concerns. Let’s collaborate to ensure seamless experiences and a strong partnership.

Remember, your success is our priority. We’re here, every step of the way.

Brian White

Director, Dealer Channel

(m) +1.949.606.5184

Marc Osgoodby

VP, Industrial Sales

(m) +1.732.513.8115

About Powerfleet

At Powerfleet, we offer cutting-edge solutions powered by unrivaled data insights to unify your business operations. Take your business to the next level to save lives, time, and money by capitalizing on machine learning, simulation, and artificial intelligence to digitize your operations and make better decisions. Count on our team of experts who have been in the industry for almost 30 years to provide you with top-notch support.

Tuned into Your Dealership Challenges

As a material handling dealer, you’re under pressure to provide a differentiated offering to stay competitive.

To do so, you strive to establish yourself as a trusted advisor. However, with a lack of intelligence on how the equipment you sell, or rent is used due to a lack of usable data, it is nearly impossible to be perceived as an expert and increase revenue.

With Powerfleet by your side, you’re not just meeting the standard; you’re setting it. Let’s continue to innovate, streamline, and gain that competitive edge together.

Elevating Your Partnership
with Powerfleet

Boost Your
Earning Power

Leverage a suite of value-driven capabilities that not only elevate your current offerings but also arm you with strategic foresight to lead the industry.

Holistic Solutions for Equipment Sales

Offer comprehensive solutions that include access control, OSHA checklists, pedestrian proximity detection, and more. With our OEM agnostic platform, syou can stay agile and responsive to evolving demands.


Your success is integral to us. We go beyond offering solutions; we extend a hand in partnership. Our dedicated regional representatives are committed to delivering white-glove service tailored to your needs. At Powerfleet, you’re not just a customer; you’re a valued partner.

Powerfleet University: Enhancing Your Competitive Edge

Optimal installations are crucial in ensuring seamless operations. Powerfleet University is dedicated to training technicians to prevent system failures and misconfigurations. Elevate your skills and knowledge with our comprehensive courses, document resources, and installation guides, all specifically tailored for our dealers.

Understanding that installation can often be the biggest point of failure during implementation, Powerfleet University aims to arm your technicians with the skills necessary to overcome these challenges. With certification from Powerfleet University, you can be confident that every installation will be successful, leading to cost savings, improved safety, and enhanced performance.

Dealer Certification Benefits:

Stay Ahead in the Industry

Surpass competitors who rely only on basic documentation for installer training. With Powerfleet University, you gain an advantage.

Showcase Your Expertise

Demonstrate your commitment and skill by proudly featuring your Powerfleet University Certification icons on email signatures, business cards, LinkedIn profiles, and your website.

Stay Informed

Receive annual training refreshers and timely product update notifications, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest knowledge.

Smooth Installations

Deliver impeccable, error-free installations that elevate customer satisfaction.

Encourage Professional Development

Keep your team motivated and constantly evolving with continuous opportunities for learning and growth.

Join an Elite Network

Become part of the Powerfleet Dealers community, connecting with professionals who share your drive for success and innovation.


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Powerfleet’s Unity platform, advanced modular solutions, and data science can help you save lives, time, and money.