Building Better Control: Powerfleet’s Smart Solutions for Construction Fleet Challenges

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Tired of the construction fleet circus? Let’s get you on the Powerfleet express. Our Unity platform and savvy tools are here to make things a breeze, boosting safety and productivity. Say hello to stress-free fleet management and wave those hurdles goodbye! 

About Powerfleet

Powerfleet is a global leader of internet of things (IoT) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that optimize the performance of mobile assets and resources to unify business operations. Our data science insights and advanced modular software solutions help drive digital transformation through our customers’ and partners’ ecosystems to help save lives, time, and money. We help connect companies, enabling customers and their customers to realize more effective strategies and results. Powerfleet’s tenured and talented team is at the heart of our approach to partnership and tangible success.

In Your Shoes: We Know What’s Up! 

Running a commercial construction operation, heavy equipment dealership or rental company is no walk in the park. You’re not just selling or leasing equipment – you’re juggling with providing top-notch services, keeping track of all your assets, safeguarding your team, and keeping an eagle eye on those operating costs. Your clients want the best, and you’re right there trying to deliver. But, let’s be real, it’s tough when you’re dealing with a myriad of equipment types and uncooperative OEM solutions. Manual processes, fragmented systems, and elusive data have become part of your daily routine. Plus, ensuring driver safety, keeping your fleet in top condition, locating stolen assets, enforcing rental agreements… Phew! Sounds like a roller coaster ride, doesn’t it? 

Redefining Fleet Management: Unleash the Power of Powerfleet’s Unity 

Enter Powerfleet. We’re not just another fleet management company. We’re here to take those headaches off your plate. Our Unity fleet intelligence platform, combined with a variety of innovative hardware devices, is designed just for you. It offers a seamless, unified view of all your assets, no matter the OEM. And the cherry on top? It plays nicely with your existing systems. But that’s not all. We go beyond mere tracking. We’re talking safety, maintenance, compliance, and sustainability. That’s the Powerfleet promise.  

We Solve Our Customers Greatest Challenges

With Powerfleet, managing your fleet is simple and efficient. Our tailored solutions meet your unique challenges head-on. From consolidated asset tracking to advanced fuel monitoring, we’ve got you covered. Discover the Powerfleet revolution in fleet management – it’s a game-changer you don’t want to miss! 

Unified View

Say goodbye to juggling multiple screens or incompatible OEM solutions. With Powerfleet, enjoy a consolidated, easy-to-understand view of all your assets in one place. 

Seamless Integration

Our solutions effortlessly blend into your existing systems. There’s no need to rework your entire operation – we fit right into your existing infrastructure. 

Boosted Safety

Maintain an active eye on driver performance, identify danger zones, and decipher safety incidents. Reduce risk and keep potential lawsuits at bay. 

Enhanced Resource Management

Accurate insights into equipment usage empower smarter decisions. From managing contracts to enforcing billing – Powerfleet’s got your back. 

Optimized Maintenance

Overhaul your approach to maintenance with real-world usage data. Your equipment gets the servicing it needs, no more, no less. 

Sustainability Goals within Reach

Get real insights into fuel usage and the health of your equipment. With Powerfleet, setting and achieving sustainability goals has never been easier. 

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