Case Studies

Real-World Implementations of PowerFleet® Solutions

Walter P. Rawl and Sons, Inc.

WP Rawl has been continuing to grow demand and began to offer overnight deliveries to their customers. They were losing valuable time and money by manually logging day-to-day routes. The management began looking for ways to move more loads, increase profits, and cut down on communication time and tracking errors. WP Rawl needed to optimize their fleet and was looking for a minute-by-minute visibility solution that could help manage its overall truck and driver performance. Read More »

Case Study: Electric Moped Rideshare Company

The customer recently acquired a fleet of electric mopeds equipped with telematics devices that were integrated with a custom software application, which was not included in the acquisition. This left a huge gap in their business model as the data collected by the devices provided critical operational metrics needed to run their business. In addition, cellular service for the devices was due to be shut off within 30 days of being contracted. With the mopeds essentially inoperable, and only 30 days to collect valuable telemetry from the existing devices, the customer turned to PowerFleet for help. Read More »

PowerFleet for Industrial

Lift Truck Telematics & Distribution Operations

PowerFleet® removed risk factors and applied enforceable safety measures for a large food manufacturing company. Each location received technologically advanced and easily implemented processes for worker safety and vehicle tracking. PowerFleet®’s advanced telematics digitize tracking, enabling management at any location to monitor vehicle use and employee habits. This eliminated guesswork, provided accountability and created a new system of checks and balances for measurable results. The company saw results in terms of a 70% decrease in accidents, an 80% decrease in damages and several hundred thousand dollars in cost savings. Read More »

PowerFleet for Industrial

Global Manufacturer Telematics & Analytics

A global manufacturer needed solutions for heavy manufacturing processes. These occurred in five separate locations and used about 800 vehicles,  including lift trucks, tow tractors and man lifts. They needed solutions that would improve safety in material handling operations, protect workers and reduce costs. Read More »

PowerFleet for Industrial

Forklift Telematics & Analytics

A leader in global automaking found themselves in need of improved safety measures and material handling operations. The company adheres to the highest safety standards but their ongoing self-monitoring processes indicated a need for improvement. The need extended to personnel training, systems implementation, systems management, authorization processes and equipment use monitoring. Read More »

PowerFleet for Logistics

Trailer Management Systems Boost Revenue, Save >$1 Million for 3PL

 Read More »

PowerFleet for Industrial

Forklift Analytics Cut Damage Costs 85%

Five years ago, a leading multinational food & beverage company deployed I.D. Systems’ PowerFleet® forklift telematics system to improve material handling safety. The project was a big success. Based on its initial return on investment (ROI), the Company rolled out PowerFleet on more than 2,500 pieces of material handling equipment across almost 100 of its food and beverage manufacturing and distribution sites in North America.But with more than $60 million invested in its material handling fleet—and a labor cost of over $200 million to run that fleet—the Customer wanted to find out if PowerFleet could save it even more money. Read More »

PowerFleet for Industrial

Walmart Spearheads Another Best Practice in Supply Chain Execution

Never satisfied with the status quo when it comes to improving operations, Walmart began looking at wireless technology for another application: controlling and monitoring forklifts and industrial vehicles that move merchandise inside its distribution centers. More than 100 such vehicles are utilized in a typical Walmart distribution facility. Walmart developed a list of required and desired functions for the “ideal” industrial vehicle management system. For productivity management, Walmart wanted to implement new activity metrics to better analyze and optimize the utilization of vehicles and operators. Management also wished to achieve better asset visibility, including a more detailed understanding of time- motion history. In addition, Walmart wanted to enhance work assignment communication, especially in response to unexpected changes in task priorities. Read More »

PowerFleet for Industrial

Xerox Increases Safety and Industry Vehicle Use with PowerFleet Vehicle Management System

The Xerox Corporation operates over 100 distribution centers; this study focuses on their Groveport, Ohio DC. This facility throughout supplies over 70% of the Xerox equipment shipped through the country. The Groveport DC is just under 500,000 sq. ft. and utilizes a mix of industrial vehicles, including reach trucks, counterbalance trucks and an order picker. Read More »

PowerFleet for Industrial

Continental Tire Reduces Fleet & Increases Safety with PowerFleet Vehicle Management System

The Continental Tire team, led by Fleet & Rolling Stock Manager Nathan Baugher, identified several challenges that could be resolved with a Vehicle Management System (VMS). Initially, Continental Tire management wanted to reduce the abuse and damage associated with industrial vehicles within their facility. But after seeing the different capabilities that PowerFleet's system had to offer, they realized the system’s potential to improve safety, productivity, and efficiency as well. Read More »

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