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Real-World Implementations of Powerfleet® Solutions


Keyless Gateway

Plug & Play Wireless Control, Tracking, and Monitoring for Rental and Leased Fleets Read More »

Asset Tracking

Explainer Video: Solutions for In-Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities

Powerfleet’s purpose-built solutions for warehouses and manufacturing facilities are revolutionizing fleet operations for organizations of all sizes and helping bring safety to the forefront. Read More »

Unity APIs

Streamline Data Integrations and Empower Informed Decision-Making Read More »

Asset Tracking

Pedestrian Proximity Detection

AI-Enabled Vision System for Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Warning Read More »

Asset Tracking

Advanced Fuel Management

Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Real-Time Fleet Intelligence to Optimize Your Logistics Operations Read More »


Powerfleet Unity is a complete, purpose-built platform that harnesses the power of IoT data to provide an actionable view of real-world sustainability and electric vehicle information to reduce your carbon footprint and material waste, enhance maintenance and fuel efficiency, and comply with government mandates. Read More »

Container, Chassis, and Trailer Tracking

Environmental Sensor

Wireless Multi-Sensor with Extended Battery Life, and Highly Accurate Environment Sensing (Temperature, Humidity, EN EN12830:2018 and EN 13485 compliance) Read More »

Solving Supply Chain Congestion

Intermodal assets such as chassis and containers play a critical part in moving the supply chain forward. PowerFleet has developed new advances in chassis tracking and monitoring. Our next-generation intermodal visibility solutions provide information about when a chassis has a container on or off and whether a container is loaded or empty. Knowing this kind of information is crucial for creating more velocity in the supply chain. Increase container utilization and reduce transit cycle times. Read More »

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