Case Studies

Real-World Implementations of Powerfleet® Solutions


Achieving Your Data Utopia

With Unity, Powerfleet transforms supply chain management by centralizing data streams, applying AI innovation, and simplifying integration. Read More »

Vehicle Telematics

Advance to a New Era of Safety with Vision AI

Safety is the pulse of the transport industry, a mandate beyond mere goals. We stand as your ally in this mission. Meet Vision AI – your trusted co-pilot, for a safe trip every time. Read More »

Compliance and Workflow Management

Revolutionize Compliance with Driver-Focused ELD

Upgrade to our Next Gen ELD - effortless compliance, driver-focused, and built for flexibility with an open platform that grows with your fleet. Read More »


MiX Vision AI S

MiX Vision AI S merges vehicle tracking and advanced single-camera video for easy installation and quick performance. It monitors vehicle location, driver behavior, and driving quality to inform decisions and boost fleet safety and efficiency. Read More »


Keyless Gateway

Plug & Play Wireless Control, Tracking, and Monitoring for Rental and Leased Fleets Read More »

Asset Tracking

Explainer Video: Solutions for In-Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities

Powerfleet’s purpose-built solutions for warehouses and manufacturing facilities are revolutionizing fleet operations for organizations of all sizes and helping bring safety to the forefront. Read More »

Unity APIs

Streamline Data Integrations and Empower Informed Decision-Making Read More »

Asset Tracking

Pedestrian Proximity Detection

AI-Enabled Vision System for Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Warning Read More »

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