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Electric vehicles (EVs) are surging in popularity within the auto leasing market with nearly 80% of EVs in the US currently leased.

We Understand Your Challenges

Billing Inefficiencies

Billing accuracy is nearly impossible when you don’t have access to constant, reliable data on location, duration, mileage, and tracking. Ensuring the accurate return of vehicles at the end of leasing contracts, and efficiently resolving nonpayment issues is crucial. Additionally, managing constraints on annual mileage and extra mileage charges add complexity to the billing process. 

Vehicle Maintenance 

Preventative maintenance and wear and tear across your diverse fleet of vehicles can be difficult to track, and you may have to rely on customer feedback when there’s an issue. 

Managing Your Mixed Fleet 

It’s no small task to manage a mixed OEM fleet, including a diverse set of IoT devices and systems that lack standardized features and data sets. Key challenges can include optimizing inventory and resource management, mitigating vehicle depreciation, calculating total cost of ownership, and responding to changing customer needs. 

Theft, Safety, and Insurance

Vehicle tracking systems are not always offered by OEMs and can be very costly. Without tracking, your assets are vulnerable to theft, making insurance premiums higher. In addition, the inability to monitor driver behavior not only jeopardizes safety but puts your operation at further risk of liability, potentially impacting insurance rates. 

Lack of Visibility 

The inability to closely monitor key operational metrics, such as geofencing, unauthorized access prevention, and odometer updates, not only impacts resource management but the overall cost of ownership, potentially reducing your competitiveness in the market.

Expanding Your Fleet 

While having a fleet of connected vehicles provides enormous benefits, integrating the technology can be a complicated process for many car leasing companies — especially as they expand their fleets.  


More than 60% of lessees choose maintenance packages that cover routine services such as oil changes and tire rotations.

Transforming These Obstacles into Advantages with Powerfleet

Billing and Operational Efficiency

Empower your operations with mileage logging and maintenance data collection capabilities. These enhancements will boost your billing resolution accuracy, resolve payment issues, minimize manual processes, and streamline your operations. You will now be able to ensure vehicles are returned at the end of the leasing contract and effectively resolve nonpayment issues.

Improved Safety and Security 

Benefit from enhanced visibility into vehicle location, and faster recovery of stolen vehicles with Powerfleet’s state-of-the-art fleet tracking technology. Furthermore, gain valuable insights into driver behavior and enjoy protection against possible fraudulent or premeditated claims through features like route replay, real-time alerts, and accident reconstruction. Feel empowered to secure competitive and variable insurance rates based on your vehicles’ safe driving profiles and usage, and leverage data-driven insurance propositions to obtain a competitive advantage.

Proactive and Preventative Maintenance

Experience proactive and preventative vehicle maintenance based on actual usage. These real-world data insights will help you minimize breakdowns and unnecessary services, and improve fleet performance overall. Furthermore, benefit from live engine diagnostics and maintenance alerts triggered by predefined dates and/or odometer readings, which ultimately extend the life of your vehicles. Customize your maintenance tasks to ensure work is carried out precisely when needed, and receive instant notifications about potential health issues, facilitating efficient repair prioritization. 

Enhanced Visibility and Resource Management

Obtain comprehensive insights into your leased vehicles, ensuring real-time knowledge of their whereabouts and utilization. These insights also enable you to monitor critical events such as geofencing, unauthorized entry, and vehicle misuse to prevent theft and safeguard your assets. Additionally, streamline customer relationships with automated odometer updates, guaranteeing compliance with leasing mileage contracts.

Real-World Data Insights 

Our OEM-agnostic platform, Unity, takes on the heavy lifting by ingesting data from all your disconnected data sources, including IoT devices, 3rd party devices, OEMs, and external data. Serving as your true one-stop-shop for data aggregation and visualization, Unity transforms that data into real-world, decision-grade insights so you can make more informed decisions. Unity enables you to manage multiple OEM relationships with ease and stay current with evolving tech, all within a single pane of glass. 

Expand Your Fleet With Confidence

Powerfleet’s solutions are easy to install in any vehicle make or model — and fast to implement and scale as you add new vehicles to your fleet. We provide a convenient library of OBD-II code interfaces, wireless downloads of software upgrades, and more to ensure smooth, seamless integration. 

We’re not just about advanced technology and data insights;
we’re about impactful results.

Reduce Costs and Liability 

Use real-time alerts to safeguard vehicle inventory, aid in theft recovery, ensure prompt vehicle returns, and optimize fleet management. Additionally, leverage Unity’s livestream data to improve driver coaching and reduce on-road accidents. 

Improve Visibility and Resource Management

Enjoy a holistic view of your leased vehicles and their usage to enhance inventory planning. Precise mileage billing and data-driven demand forecasting will boost your revenue and help maintain strong customer relationships.

Extend Vehicle Life 

Reduce vehicle downtime and manage your maintenance operations, based on real-world usage and history, to help you stay within budget and extend the life of your vehicles. 

Advance Sustainability Efforts 

Transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and align fleet operations with sustainability goals by effectively tracking carbon footprints. Enhance EV journeys with comprehensive charging information, real-time battery monitoring, and precise insights into remaining driving range and charging station locations. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also underscores your commitment to environmental stewardship.

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