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Our in-cab ELD-compliant solution goes far beyond regulatory compliance. The LV-9000 provides real-time position reports, engine performance information, two way communication with the driver, and full TMS integration.

Dry Van

Solar-powered super-capacitors and long-lasting batteries. Freight camera and tags for visual and environmental condition. No connection to external power and extended years of maintenance-free performance. You name it. We got it.


Integrated with all major refrigeration unit brands and optical sensors to allow complete remote control. Trailer tracking independent of whether the trailer is hitched to a tractor or sitting in dwell. Powerful dashboard and in easy-to-read reports.


Put a stop to chassis billing disputes with comprehensive, reliable data on billing start/stop times. Advanced sensors alert you when a container is mounted and dismounted from the chassis, giving you all the hard proof you need.


Get full visibility of your containers from the moment they’re moved from the yard to the instant they reach their final destination. With this real-time information, you can increase container utilization and reduce transit cycle times.



Get The Power of Literal and Figurative Visibility. Images, door sensor and ‘cargo-area’ environmental sensors for true freight visibility. Obtain root cause analysis for claims, including location and visual proof.


From Dry Van to Reefer, and from In-Cab to Cargo.  Intermodal Containers or Chassis.  We have you covered bumper to bumper with the latest technology. Read more about our hardware solutions »


Stay  regulatory compliant with HOS reporting and FSMA needs.  Obtain dwell times and asset turns.  Our analytics will help you make smart decisions. Read more about our software solutions »

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PowerFleet for Logistics’s new catalog is now available. You can see it online or download a PDF here.

The Latest In Power Technology

From solar technology and super capacitors for redundancy beyond rechargeable batteries, to persistent power for continuous reporting – we are setting the new standard for asset tracking devices for dry van fleets.

Two Types of Cargo Visibility

We believe in literal and figurative visibility.  From images of your cargo to calculate capacity or provide security, to its environmental status (temperature, shock, etc.), we extend your vision to the freight.

Beyond Analytics

Leverage advanced metrics to gain deeper insights into your fleet operations and compare against a broad industry database of asset performance benchmarks. Get the hard numbers to monetize your dry van trailer fleet.

Lucy – Artificial Intelligence

Lucy is an integrated voice-activated system that provides dynamic interaction with a fleet’s asset and cargo database. Lucy provides in-transit reporting, real-time status and analytics without manually running reports.

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PowerFleet for Logistics solutions have helped ReedTMS right-size their trailer pools, reduce new trailer buys, find lost trailers, and added over $1 million to their bottom line.

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“The key to our business is asset allocation and utilization, and PowerFleet for Logistics gave us the tools we needed to run the most efficient—and profitable—trailer fleet.”

Chad Waltz

 Vice President of Operations
ReedTMS Logistics.

“Without the PowerFleet for Logistics fleet solutions, the odds of recovering stolen goods are low. Word is likely to be out on the street that Knight is not a desired target given their trailer tracking capabilities.”

Richard Martin

Corporate Director of Security
Knight Transportation, Inc

“Since adding PowerFleet for Logistics, our business grew, our fleet grew, however, our need for trailers did not grow proportionately, due to the increased utilization that tracking helped provide.”

Tim Parker

Vice President of Service Operations
Forward Air, Inc.

PowerFleet for Logistics in the News

White Oak Transportation Selects PowerFleet to Improve Asset Visibility

PowerFleet, Inc. has been selected by White Oak Transportation, Inc. to supply its trailer tracking solution to their 875-trailer fleet. PowerFleet’s solar and supercap powered LV-500 combined with its cloud-based software application will provide White Oak Transportation better asset visibility for improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.
McGuire truck

McGuire Transportation Selects PowerFleet® to Optimize Trailer Utilization Across Entire Fleet

PowerFleet, Inc. has signed a national deal with McGuire Transportation, a regional dry van trucking company, to upgrade its trailer management solution. McGuire turned to PowerFleet’s LV-300 for improved trailer visibility and asset utilization, purchasing 350 units to equip its entire fleet. McGuire will be able to better optimize the use of its assets, improve security, and provide its customers with best-in-class service.
Panhandle Transportation Group, Inc. Trucks

Panhandle Transportation Group Selects PowerFleet® to Improve Visibility and Temperature Control

PowerFleet, Inc. was selected by Panhandle Transportation Group (PTG) to monitor and remotely manage refrigerated trailers and cargo through PowerFleet’s reefer solution, the LV-400. With the 3G network shutdown on the horizon, PTG needed a roadmap for the LTE transition and, most importantly, maintain complete visibility on its fleet with a high-quality reliable solution. A successful pilot program proved PowerFleet was the unsurpassed partner best equipped to ensure freight visibility and monitoring.

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