Powerfleet has completed its acquisition of Movingdots, a provider of best-in-class insurance telematics and sustainable mobility solutions based in Bremen, Germany, and a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading re-insurers, Swiss Re.

“The expectations for fleets worldwide are rising, and Powerfleet is making advancements to enable businesses to not only keep up, but surpass the demands of their customers and industries,” said Steve Towe, CEO at Powerfleet.  “Movingdots’ world-class insurance telematics solutions and ESG reporting aligns perfectly with Powerfleet’s vision. Together, we will revolutionize fleet management, beginning with our focus on safety and sustainability.”

In case you missed the news earlier this month, here is a brief recap of the benefits for the combined organization:

  1. Our solutions are insurance-approved

Developed from the extensive insurance-based risk experience of Swiss Re, Movingdots’ end-to-end telematics app solution – Coloride – is truly top notch in its customization capabilities and insurance risk insights. This technology will add an additional layer of data-powered reliability to Powerfleet’s existing vehicle telematics solutions.

  1. Unity is now bigger, faster, and stronger

Movingdots’ will enhance Unity, Powerfleet’s SaaS-based fleet intelligence platform. Unity gathers and enriches data from people, assets, and IoT devices. Safety and sustainability are among six unique data-powered application in Unity, both of which are among Movingdots’ specialties.

  1. It’s a bigger world for all of us – including you

Movingdots’ prevalent footprint in Europe will strengthen Powerfleet’s global reach and ability to serve its current customers and the broader industry with wider international leadership. Powerfleet now has the foothold to scale across new regions to benefit businesses worldwide

  1. A growing, talented team with your future in mind

For nearly a decade, Movingdots’ has designed and perfected their data science algorithms for fleet and personal auto risk analytics. Combining the Movingdots team with Powerfleet’s 25 years’ experience empowering fleets worldwide will bring our solutions and services to a new level of excellence. Together, we’ll save lives, time, and money with the latest in fleet technology.

The Bottom Line

The acquisition of Movingdots will expand the Powerfleet team in size, talent, and geographic range, allowing us to reach more customers who need fleet management solutions. Our partnership will expand our current offerings, especially in safety and sustainability.

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