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Car Rental

Keyless Gateway

Plug & Play Wireless Control, Tracking, and Monitoring for Rental and Leased Fleets

Explainer Video: Solutions for In-Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities

Powerfleet’s purpose-built solutions for warehouses and manufacturing facilities are revolutionizing fleet operations for organizations of all sizes and helping bring safety to the forefront.

Unity APIs

Streamline Data Integrations and Empower Informed Decision-Making

Pedestrian Proximity Detection

AI-Enabled Vision System for Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Warning
Asset Tracking

Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Real-Time Fleet Intelligence to Optimize Your Logistics Operations


Powerfleet Unity is a complete, purpose-built platform that harnesses the power of IoT data to provide an actionable view of real-world sustainability and electric vehicle information to reduce your carbon footprint and material waste, enhance maintenance and fuel efficiency, and comply with government mandates.

Environmental Sensor

Wireless Multi-Sensor with Extended Battery Life, and Highly Accurate Environment Sensing (Temperature, Humidity, EN EN12830:2018 and EN 13485 compliance)

Solving Supply Chain Congestion

Intermodal assets such as chassis and containers play a critical part in moving the supply chain forward. PowerFleet has developed new advances in chassis tracking and monitoring. Our next-generation intermodal visibility solutions provide information about when a chassis has a container on or off and whether a container is loaded or empty. Knowing this kind of information is crucial for creating more velocity in the supply chain. Increase container utilization and reduce transit cycle times.