Company introduces new Powerfleet branding for Logistics, Industrial and Automotive business units and renames Carrier Web solutions


Woodcliff Lake, NJ (May 2, 2019): I.D. Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDSY), a leading provider of enterprise asset management and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology, has unveiled its redesigned website, The new site features updated branding for Powerfleet ® by ID Systems, supporting its logistics, industrial and automotive business units with a focus on its transportation offerings and renaming of Carrier Web ELD and Reefer solutions.

Powerfleet for Logistics now integrates bumper-to-bumper telematics solutions – covering in-cab, refrigerated trailers, dry van and container transport. Their innovative LV Series line of sophisticated asset-tracking and telemetry products offers new ways to access asset location and sensor data, as well as monitor the cargo inside the trailer or container. The integrated Powerfleet solution suite allows customers a 360-degree review of their business, improves employee productivity and deepens customer relationships by reducing the amount of time needed to access data and solve problems before they occur. This integrated approach expands and strengthens I.D. Systems’ position in the fleet management value chain.

The Carrier Web ELD and Reefer hardware solutions have been renamed the LV-9000 and LV-400 respectively. These devices are immediately available for purchase to enable haulers to insure regulatory compliance and optimal service delivery operations. The full LV Series offers significant benefits that include optimizing driver efficiency, identifying underutilized assets, reducing idle times, faster turns and verifying trailer and cargo status before hook-up – all of which improve productivity and the driver’s quality of work-life.

A recipient of the Heavy-Duty Trucking Top 20 Products of 2018 Award, I.D. Systems transforms the way organizations manage mobile business assets — including cargo power units and trailers, forklifts, and connected cars. The company’s technologies control, track, analyze, and optimize hundreds of thousands of these assets around the world. Organizations using IDSY technology operate more safely, improve efficiency and cut costs.

About I.D. Systems

Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, with subsidiaries in Texas, Florida, Germany, and the United Kingdom, I.D. Systems is a leading global provider of wireless M2M solutions for securing, controlling, tracking, and managing high-value enterprise assets – such as industrial vehicles, rental cars, trailers, containers, and cargo. The company’s patented technologies address the needs of organizations to monitor and analyze their assets in order to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and improve profitability. For more information, visit

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