Are you in transportation and logistics?  Feeling pressure to do more…with less? Then let’s talk about transforming your fleet.  

Whether you’re the fleet manager or part of the executive team, we know you’re constantly seeking ways to optimize operations. Whether trucks, trailers, chassis, cargo, or a mix of all of it – your fleet has immense potential in this area – so much that it can make or break your business! 

Traditional approaches don’t cut it anymore. Without real-time visibility into vehicle and equipment locations and status, it’s a struggle to make informed decisions. Inefficient utilization leads to unplanned equipment rentals, wasted resources, and increased costs. But there’s a solution: real-time, decision-grade insights. 

What exactly does this mean? It’s advanced monitoring, visibility, maintenance, and performance data that unlocks new levels of productivity and cost-effectiveness.

The North American Chassis Pool Collective (NACPC), a chassis manufacturer and lessor, is an example of how to make your data work for you. They revolutionized how they track their fleet’s whereabouts and kept up with their customers’ growing demands for chassis. 

Navigating crowded sites and demanding supply chains isn’t easy. Especially for NACPC’s extensive fleet of chassis going to and from multiple sites every day. A clear understanding of the precise location and status of equipment is crucial. Gone are the days of uncertainty about whereabouts, availability, and utilization. NACPC has a bird’s-eye view of the fleet’s movements at the speed of business, enabling timely and informed decisions to keep operations running smoothly. 

It’s all about leveraging data to optimize fleet performance. 

No more guesswork. No more manual data collection. It’s just confidence from smooth, informed decisions! Real-time insights are a game-changer in the world of fleet management. By partnering with Powerfleet, NACPC unlocked a new level of efficiency and experienced numerous benefits.  

Through data analytics, enhanced tracking and monitoring capabilities, increased efficiency, seamless integration, and exceptional customer service, NACPC maximized their operational effectiveness. Real-time insights empowered NACPC to make informed decisions, optimize their fleet utilization, and stay ahead of the competition. As technology continues to advance, harnessing real-time insights will remain key to unlocking efficiency and driving growth in the ever-evolving logistics industry. And while the technology is a game changer in itself, you need not take this journey alone.

According to NACPC’s COO, Jeffrey Dudenhefer, “[Powerfleet’s GPS portal] is probably one of the easier ones to manage. But, it’s the people who make the company, in addition to a quality product. Our goal is to keep trucks on the road with quality equipment and not on the side of the road getting repaired. Powerfleet helps us do that.” 

Want to start your own journey? Learn more about NACPC’s path here

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