Best-in-class Video Solutions to Protect your Commercial Vehicles and Support Your Drivers.

Our In-Vehicle Video Platform is Reshaping How You View Safety

Vista delivers real-time high-definition video, from road and driver facing cameras, to bolster safety programs, help exonerate drivers, prevent accidents, increase security, and lower insurance costs.

Vista, In-Vehicle Video Platform
Vista, In-Vehicle Video Platform
  • Increase Safety & Security: For drivers, pedestrians, people, and assets.
  • Reduce fraudulent insurance claims.
  • Prevent external and internal thefts.
  • Educate drivers of their driving habits.
  • Meet customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Save on insurance premiums.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

VISTA leverages the latest artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and proactively manage risky driving situations across your fleet. Vista identifies, visualizes, and categorizes critical events so that you can quickly take corrective actions. Stream live video, download video events, and access all of your in-vehicle cameras through a secure and comprehensive portal. Vista is the solution to help you manage and control your vehicle operations effectively, efficiently and safely.

Key Features

Vista, In-Vehicle Video Platform

Live Streaming

Check on your fleet at any time from multiple cameras

Real-Time Drive Alerting (ICF)

Cameras will notify drivers of unsafe driving events in real-time

Review Video History (SD Card)

All videos can be accessed remotely or locally at any time

Parking Mode

Camera will record an event and video if there is a sudden jolt even when vehicle is turned off.

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