Powerfleet for Vehicles

Happy Drivers:
On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

You’ve got places to go, things to do, and customers to delight,
we help get you there safe and sound

Smart connected fleet solutions,
purpose-built for a fast moving world

Powerfleet empowers fleet operators and their driver-techs with the
visibility, awareness, & intelligence they need to build efficient field service operations.

Field Services

Lower Risk

Drive smarter and sidestep debilitating liabilities and losses to your business from avoidable accidents

Field Services


Achieve maximum efficiency proactively, with a fleet empowered for safe driving
and cost cutting

Field Services


Get the most out of every vehicle with smart resource management, rapid onboarding, and deep insights

Field Services

Scale & Adapt

Future-proof your technology investment by leveraging a global ecosystem of devices
and services

Promote a Culture of Safety and Eclipse the Competition

Your techs are on the frontline everyday working hard building and maintaining the world around us. Whether the job is fixing an HVAC unit, unclogging a water line main, or making sure the local golf course is in tee-up shape, keeping your techs productive, motivated, and safe behind the wheel is priority one.

Powerfleet for Vehicles is a unified fleet solution, designed to solve your unique safety, productivity, and sustainability challenges. The solution combines a smart driving behavior experience, real-time connected fleet management, and an industry-centric AI, purpose-built to empower drivers.

Improve Driver Retention

Improve staff loyalty by boosting morale, encouraging constructive competition between teams, and incentivizing good driving behavior

Real-time Visibility and Insights Across Your Entire Fleet

Thrill your customers again and again, with an end-to-end connected platform trusted by fleet operators, worldwide

Our Field Service Management Platform is an integrated solution specifically engineered to solve the complex challenges of next-gen fleet operators, regardless of size. Effortlessly orchestrate your teams, eliminate unnecessary costs, and reduce your exposure to risk, all in one easy-to-use solution purpose-built around your needs.

  • Differentiate your business with unrivaled customer service
  • Empower your drivers with up-to-the-minute task and positioning updates
  • Boost bottom-line profits with deep insights into fuel consumption and utilization
  • Keep your fleet in top shape with real-time diagnostics and preventative maintenance
Field Services

Key Features

Stay ahead of the pack

  • Goal-oriented fleet safety and productivity
  • Maximize fleet utilization and efficiency
  • Deep insights of your fleet and customers
  • Consistently exceed customer expectations

Best in class driving experience

  • Machine learning dashcam technology
  • Visual and voice warnings
  • Interactive smartphone or tablet app
  • Unobtrusive driver feedback display

Proactive workflow optimization

  • Real-time GPS visibility and geofences
  • Mobile resource and task management
  • Customizable rules-engine and reporting
  • Optimized routing for enhanced ETAs

Edge Intelligence

  • Integrated Bluetooth cargo-hold sensors
  • Temp, humidity, shock monitoring
  • Predictive vehicle maintenance analytics
  • CAN bus motion data and DTC codes
  • Real-time fuel usage and odometer readings

Rapid onboarding for fleets on the go

  • Simple ordering, training and installation
  • Reduced downtime from offline vehicles
  • Over-the-Air device administration
  • Professional services and 24/7 support

One solution, infinite possibilities

  • Secure encryption and data privacy
  • Easy access to our fleet solution ecosystem
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

How are You Driving? Driving Metrics, at a Glance

Field Services

Our contextualized behavioral AI delivers meaningful, relevant, and relatable driving scores

Powerfleet for Vehicles provides deep insight into how and why people drive the way they do. Our context-aware AI considers the entire driving environment resulting in scores which make sense and coaching solutions which reward safe driving practices.

  • Enhance driver safety with unobtrusive in-cabin video experiences
  • Keep your drivers engaged, happy, and motivated
  • Optimize fuel usage and eliminate needless vehicle wear and tear
  • Generate meaningful driving scores based on vehicle handling and type
  • Safeguard your vehicles and cargo from tampering or theft

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