Dual-Mode Cellular-Satellite Connectivity

Unmatched Coverage and Service Life

Reliable Critical Visibility

Ubiquitous visibility is a critical part of operating a successful fleet. Cellular networks have come a long way in providing wider coverage, but unfortunately, gaps and unreliable connectivity persist. Communication gaps can lead to lost assets, inefficiencies, friction with drivers and customers, and even put the asset or cargo at risk, especially if your fleet operates in rural areas.

For fleets that rely on location and status data on their assets in order to run their business more efficiently and safely, a solution that reliably relays this actionable intelligence is critical. Asset tracking solutions with dual-mode communication provide greater reliability of connectivity.

Powerfleet solutions address the need for continuous coverage where there may be gaps in visibility due to rural spots, cross-border applications, network congestion, natural disasters, and extreme weather. Our solutions provide the ability to use cellular data as the primary communication mode and use satellite communication as a backup to guarantee the transmission of critical data and regulatory compliance.

Dual-Mode Solutions

Why Choose Dual-Mode Cellular-Satellite Solutions?

Coverage Gaps

Cellular coverage has made significant strides in the last decade. However, there are still areas where it is patchy such as rural and mountainous areas. Without continuous connectivity, fleet operations managers can’t react to issues in real-time.

Natural Disasters

Hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes, and other extreme weather conditions can take down cellular networks and in some cases, it could take weeks to get them up and running again.

Network Congestion

 The movement of assets into densely populated areas causes spikes and bandwidth issues in cellular networks, resulting in delayed transmissions or outages, in contrast to traveling in and out of rural areas.

Customer Satisfaction

The relationship between shippers and carriers is growing more critical in the aftermath of COVID-19. Customers want improved transparency and reliable service. A dual-mode device ensures accurate reporting and timely notifications such as estimated arrival times, delays, load/unload status and dwell times.

Sunset-Proof Fleet

Satellite technology ensures consistent coverage without having to worry about network upgrades or equipment replacements.

Increased Security

There are significant safety and security advantages, including the ability to protect cargo in high-risk areas and prevent cargo theft with both cellular and satellite reporting.


Today’s Fleet Operations Managers face increased pressure to maintain visibility over their fleet of mobile assets such as dry van trailers, containers, and chassis in order to improve utilization, increase security, and drive customer satisfaction. Explore our dual-mode communication solution to gain unmatched service life and critical event alerts.


    Continuous coverage for high-value, time-sensitive cargo and increased security.


    Identify underutilized assets and reduce dormancy.


    Discover inefficiencies with loading and unloading of freight.


    Improve productivity with faster turns.


    Powerful analytics and integrations to ERPs and TMS.


Refrigerated trailer operations require accurate proof of temperature information to meet food and drug safety compliance and avoid costly spoilage claims. Powerfleet dual-mode communication solutions for reefers delivers continuous coverage to keep fleets connected. The system updates managers with out-of-range alert notifications, fuel level status, landmark arrival and departure, and accurate food safety compliance reporting. Additional information such as refrigeration unit engine hours and fault codes for effective preventative maintenance is available.


    Continuous coverage for high-value, time or temperature-sensitive cargo and increased security.


    Provide proof of temperature for the entire trip.


    Prevent cargo claims or degradation of cargo quality with alerting on temperature out of range, unscheduled door openings, and route variation.


    Manage and reduce maintenance costs through engine hour tracking and improved scheduling.


    “Landmarks” to automatically show when trailers arrive and depart. Receive alerts to start billing for detention and capture fuel levels.

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