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Dry Van

Better fleet utilization, faster turns, enhanced security, more efficient maintenance, and greater profitability.

Get Improved Logistics Visibility

The LV asset tracking and freight visibility series gives you the choice of our long-life primary battery, dual-power source with rechargeable batteries, or tethered power to ensure you have optimal visibility of your assets and your cargo. Gain constant visibility with dual-mode cellular and satellite communication in our LV-550 solution.

The LV-500

LV 500
Dwell Time Reporting

Understand which yards hold assets the longest, the duration of a loading or unloading activity after arrival, how long it takes to pick up assets once they are available, or what location is using your assets for storage.   

Understanding Asset Turns

Get a grip on how many days and miles are used per asset / per trip, or where do your longest turns occur (location, customer, market).  Understand the percent of your turns that are loaded or empty, and those that have stopped or are in motion.

Beyond Analytics

Leverage advanced metrics to gain deeper insights into your fleet operations and compare against a broad industry database of asset performance benchmarks. Get the hard numbers to monetize your dry van trailer fleet.

Powerful Reporting

Reach a deeper understanding and raise your bottom line. Determine the optimal fleet size and composition for your operational needs, identify misuse from unauthorized dispatch and storage, and quantify loaded vs. deadhead utilization. Get continually refreshed and organized data coming into your system by landmark, landmark group, asset subfleet, geographic area, and time period to collect key performance metrics such as:

  • Most and least profitable customers and markets
  • Average time your assets wait at each destination
  • Load processing and asset pickup times

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LV 710

Snapshot: The LV-710

The LV-710 combines a high-definition camera, image recognition processor, door sensor and ‘cargo-area’ environmental sensors for true freight visibility. Obtain root cause analysis for claims, including location and visual proof. The LV-710 installs in under 5 minutes as a completely wireless, battery powered unit. The unit can also detect and report if pallets are loaded if the cargo has been tagged with our LV-740 wireless devices. When paired with an LV-100, 300, 500, 550 real-time event reporting can occur. Also, pair with our Powerfleet Yard app and you can retrieve on-demand photos and cargo status.


  • HD camera with IR LED ash
  • Percentage loaded/empty
  • Long-life lithium primary battery
  • Wireless sensor integration
  • Image capture, storage, and transmission
  • Integrated door open/close sensor
  • Integrated Cargo temp/humidity/pressure/light
  • Integrated Accelerometer and GPS
  • On-demand and sensor activated
  • Swing / Roll-Door installation

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