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Get the white paper: Understand the 3G Sunset

The Urgency Behind the Need for a Seamless Transition from 3G to a 4G/LTE-Enabled Future


“Even before [the 2022 3G shut down] happens, experts are warning that a drop in the number of total 3G cell sites across the United States could constrict their communications to one channel. The sunsetting of 3G means even fleets that are fully compliant with the mandate need to “make sure the equipment they have in place is on a network that will give them adequate coverage going into the next couple of years,” explained Doug Schrier, vice president of product and innovation for Pegasus Transflo.

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“Think of [the 3G sunset] like an abandoned road: At first, you might still be able to access it, but over time, the lack of maintenance and repair make it impossible to use. We expect the sunset will happen gradually, with providers cutting back coverage in lower volume areas, resulting in coverage gaps prior to full network shutdown. A gradual sunset process may pose significant challenges to fleets that rely on 3G networks to communicate with drivers and vehicles, as well as to collect important data related to fleet safety, compliance and overall performance.”

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