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Track and analyze everything from where your assets are, what condition they’re in, why they’re getting into accidents to who’s been operating them, and how often they’re being used.

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Rental Fleet

Specifically built to automate car rental and return processes, get real-time visibility to see the big picture.

Private Fleet

We can communicate with virtually any vehicle make and model to deliver 24×7 visibility, and secure remote control.


Our wireless encrypted technology and low bandwidth cellular communications offer low-costs and “future-proof” functional flexibility.

Rental Fleets

RentalFleet® lets you dive deeper into your car rental operations, gaining deep insights to help you streamline processes and drive constant improvement. Specifically built to automate car rental and return processes, RentalFleet provides you the real-time visibility you need to see the big picture. Bring intelligent solutions to work for your car rental fleet, and put your operations on the road to improvement.

  • Massive library of OBD-II code interfaces
  • Increase fuel revenues and reduce fuel costs
  • Optimize car return and processing speed
  • Quickly see open slots on the ready line
  • Easily install in any make or model
  • Download future software upgrades wirelessly
  • Gain real-time insight into your inventory

Private Fleets

Our technology is built to help private fleet owners:

  • Remote vehicle control to enable unmanned “virtual lots”
  • Real-time vehicle inventory, health data, and availability
  • Reservation/allocation management via a smart phone app
  • Pre-programmed encryption for secure communications
  • Remote, automated vehicle check-out, including door unlock
  • Automated check-in on vehicle return, including door lock
  • Comprehensive vehicle data logging, including VIN, key state, precise fuel level, precise odometer reading, mileage since last refuel, battery level, and GPS location
  • Exception data reporting (low battery, fuel, unauthorized user)
  • Data and power management algorithms
  • Scalable for thousands of vehicles
  • Wireless remote firmware upgrades


We have developed an unmatched library of certified vehicle code interfaces through the OBD-II (second-generation On-Board Diagnostics) industry standard. We can communicate with virtually any vehicle make and model to deliver advanced fleet management functionality. Our patented fleet management system helps fleet owners improve asset utilization, reduce capital costs, and cut operating expenses, like vehicle maintenance.

Our Technology

PowerFLeet has 10+ years of experience in the North American and European wireless passenger vehicle control, tracking and monitoring markets.  With patented systems and ground-breaking solutions for customers like Avis, Ford Motor Company, and the U.S. Postal Service, PowerFleet has the in-house technical expertise and 25+ years of product development and support experience needed for long-term success.

The MVAC hardware platform includes digital keys for lock/unlock, core telematics and immobilization optimal rental management and car-sharing customer experience with minimal deployment and support overhead.  The companion RentalFleet back office application provides a highly secure end-to-end solution ready for integration with 3rd party fleet management systems.


“The Avis App combined with a totally connected fleet is the future of mobility.  With the success of our initial 50,000-unit deployment, we are pleased to expand our relationship with PowerFleet to utilize the PowerFleet for Vehicles connected car solution on over one-third of our North American fleet. Our ‘connected cars’ allow us to significantly improve our customer’s rental experience by giving our customers more control and choice of their vehicle using their mobile device. We also improve their vehicle return experience by automating the check-in process. As a mobility services provider, connected car technology not only streamlines the rental experience for our customers but allows us to drive operational efficiencies.”

Gerard Insall

Chief Information Officer of Avis Budget Group

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PowerFleet transforms the way organizations manage mobile business assets — like forklifts, cargo trailers, and connected cars. Our technologies control, track, analyze, and optimize hundreds of thousands of these assets all over the world. We help organizations be safer, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

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