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From the largest chassis pool operators to the smaller specialty drayage solution providers.
Identify opportunities to increase chassis fleet utilization and avoid prolonged dormancy.

LV 300
Persistant Power

The LV-300 delivers persistent external power for continuous reporting and visibility while tethered, and a long lasting untethered battery for movements within yards and terminals. 

Big Data

The new LV-300 asset tracking solution provides continuous real-time visibility while in transit, and more accurate arrival and departure information to better plan supply chain resource allocation.

Smart Security

The LV-300 was designed with high-security in mind, with built-in tamper detection. Optional wireless sensors are also available for asset status and condition. And high frequency reporting for continuous visibility.

Beyond Analytics

Leverage advanced metrics to gain deeper insights into your fleet operations and compare against a broad industry database of asset performance benchmarks. Get the hard numbers to monetize your chassis fleet.

Limit Chassis Misuse

Chassis could, and sometimes do, disappear for weeks, months, years, at a time only to show up on the side of the road somewhere. That’s likely a chassis that you’ve already written off and taken a loss on. Then, now that it’s suddenly reappeared, you have to go pick it up. Depending on where it is, that’s an additional expense on a chassis that you’d already called a loss.


Average chassis turns per month


Days between turns


Days a container is sitting in a yard or on a train

LV 100

The LV-100

The LV-100 requires no connection to external power and is designed to provide extended years of maintenance-free performance.

Easy to Use
The LV-100 has a ruggedized, low-profile enclosure that can be installed in less than 10 minutes with no special tools or equipment.

Long Lasting
The new LV-100 all-purpose tracking solution is built for the logistics operation that demands optimal efficiency, ultra-low maintenance, and long battery life (10 years*).

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