Powerfleet Cold Chain Solutions

SaaS-based solution designed to help fleet and asset owners gain real-time visibility and data insights in order to streamline people and asset assignments as well as proactively detect movement and temperature across the entire delivery journey.

Part of Powerfleet’s Unity Platform

Our fleet management solutions connect all of your resources in a single pane of glass to meet your ever-changing needs.

Temperature Control and Monitoring

Achieve complete remote control for on/off and temperature setpoint as well as proactive monitoring for detailed temperature logging, out of range temperature alert notifications, and reefer fuel level status. Manage FMSA compliance regulations with reliable data and proof of temperature information at your fingertips.

Safety and Security

Create a safety culture with scorecards, in-cab audio warnings, along with real-time event-driven alerts. Reduce insurance rates by coaching and eliminating unwanted driver activities with AI-based videos.

Advanced Fuel Management

Proactively manage fuel costs, avoid fuel theft, coach drivers based on driving behaviors, and achieve sustainability goals.

Regulatory Mangement and Compliance

Adhere to DOT regulations with HOS tracking and DVIR applications.

Maintenance and Performance

Reduce downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to ensure you don’t overspend or underspend against budget.

Visibility and Resource Management

Analyze asset utilization to avoid costly rentals, reduce theft, and under-used assets to increase efficiency and ensure your team is where they are needed.


Advance your green agenda. Powerfleet is ready to support your organization’s transition to electric vehicles (EV) with hundreds of EV data elements to optimize fleet planning, battery range, EV safety, and maintenance.

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Purpose-Built Cold Chain Solutions for Your Industry

Imagine a world where cargo monitoring and visibility are no longer issues. Thanks to internal cameras and asset monitors that detect movement, humidity, and camera visibility, you can eliminate overpacking and physical damage troubles.

With Powerfleet’s cold chain solutions and integrations with all major refrigeration unit brands, you can track in real-time, as well as monitor temperature across the entire delivery journey.

Our solutions provide regular recordings of container temperatures that need to be delivered within a specific range, allowing the driver to quickly act before a real problem occurs. With digital logs, it is now easier for drivers to prove food shipments were kept at safe temperatures, removing the issues of the past of adhering to FSMA safety regulations. Our technology measures ambient temperature and door openings through multiple wireless sensors that regulate different sections based on the size of vehicles.

Purpose-Built Fleet Management Solutions for Your Industry

Your digital transformation doesn’t have to stop with cold chain. Powerfleet also helps connect to your fleet as well as your key powered and non-powered assets so you can orchestrate your drivers with the right vehicles and assets to do the job. Our fleet management solutions are device agnostic and can use other devices on the same platform – who doesn’t love BYOD (bring your own device)?!

With the data Powerfleet Unity provides, you can improve fuel usage, instantly integrate electric vehicles into your fleet, proactively and intentionally coach your drivers, and quickly understand what happened before, during, and after accidents to bring the event to resolution.

Powerfleet’s solutions just work. Reliable data insights and an effectively run operation is only a click away.

Carrier and TK Integration

Our seamless bi-directional integration with Carrier® Transicold and Thermo King® chillers allows users to remotely control the reefer unit, thus eliminating frequent driver interaction.

The Powerfleet Unity platform allows management of the reefer engine, alarms, and sensors remotely, without the reefer trailer being tethered to a tractor.  You can monitor and set temperatures, and initiate trip needs such as a defrost, all with a detailed log of who initiated the change and at what time.

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