Powerfleet for Logistics


Get The Power of Literal and Figurative Visibility
and a New Line of Sight For Cargo Status and Condition

We Give Your Fleet a Sixth Sense

Enable real-time monitoring of the security, location,
and condition of your cargo with the LV-600, 710 and 740.

Stealth Security

Use the LV-600 as a standalone device for environmental alerts and tracking of high value assets. Or pair the LV-600 with our LV-740 units to add environmental alerts of additional pallets or boxes in the same shipment.

Real Pictures

The LV-710 combines a high-definition camera, image recognition processor, door sensor and ‘cargo-area’ environmental sensors for true freight visibility. Obtain root cause analysis for claims, including location and visual proof.

Environmental Conditions

The LV-740 can provide remote readings of a specific cargo’s temp, humidity, impact/free fall, movement, and light. When installed on pallets or boxes, it can detect events/alerts and report them when paired with the LV-600 or LV-100, 300, or 500 tracking devices.

Flight Mode

When the automatic airplane mode is enabled, the LV-600 identifies that the flight has commenced and automatically shuts down RF transmissions after takeoff and during the entire flight. The LV 600 then logs all events internally and transmits those events upon landing.

Can You Sense It?

Compliant with cold chain standards and regulations including pharmaceuticals (GDP) perishables transportation standards (EN12830), the duo of the LV- 600 and 740 make a powerful combination. The LV-740 BLE devices are IP 67 rated to withstand the hard environments of being place in, on, or around palleted cargo. Their rugged design also makes them ideal for acting as temperature recorders for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep-frozen/quick-frozen food and ice cream.

LV-710 Freight Camera

  • HD camera with IR LED flash
  • Percentage loaded/empty
  • Long-life lithium primary battery
  • Wireless sensor integration
  • Image capture, storage, and transmission
  • Integrated door open/close sensor
  • Integrated Cargo temp/humidity/pressure/light
  • Integrated Accelerometer and GPS
  • On-demand and sensor activated
  • Swing / Roll-Door installation

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Powerfleet transforms the way organizations manage mobile business assets — like forklifts, cargo trailers, and connected cars. Our technologies control, track, analyze, and optimize hundreds of thousands of these assets all over the world. We help organizations be safer, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

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