New Video Technology Enables Safer, More Efficient Commercial Vehicle Management

WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J., June 22, 2021 — Powerfleet, Inc. (Nasdaq: PWFL) a global leader and provider of subscription-based wireless IoT and M2M solutions for securing, controlling, tracking and managing high-value enterprise assets, today announced the launch of Vista, a best-in-class in-vehicle video solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and proactively manage risky driving situations across fleets. With Vista, Powerfleet is expanding its image technology portfolio, which includes the patent-pending LV-710 freight camera for trailers and containers and the CP4 System designed for the industrial truck market.

The global demand for dashboard and 360-degree camera technology is growing due to a considerable rise in the number of vehicle related accidents, thefts, and “nuclear verdicts” (jury awards of more than $10 million) in the trucking industry. The National Highway Safety Administration (NTSA) reports that an estimated 38,680 deaths in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2020. Up to 96% of all auto accidents are a result of human error, which further emphasizes the need for fleets to invest in technology to maintain the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and assets.

Recorded video events provide additional contextual insights around hard braking and turning events, vehicle accidents as well as vehicle and content theft. Easy to install and operate, Vista delivers real-time, high-definition video from both road and driver facing cameras to bolster safety and training programs, help exonerate drivers, prevent accidents, and lower insurance costs.

“We have seen strong demand from customers in our vertical and geographic markets for additional video solutions that provide visual proof to improve safety and operations,” said Elizabeth Elkins, Chief Product Officer at Powerfleet. “As a leading IoT solutions provider, it made sense to add Vista to our portfolio of technology solutions focused on keeping drivers safe, protecting assets, and reducing insurance premiums. Whether you have a fleet of over-the-road trucks, cars or service and delivery vans, Vista can play a valuable part of a world-class safety program. The Vista video platform supports safe driving with the ability to auto-detect unsafe driving conditions while delivering real-time driver audio feedback and warnings to help correct risky driving behaviors as they occur.”

Vista is a flexible video solution that can operate stand-alone or as an integrated part of any fleet management system. It leverages the latest processor technology for edge-processing and future proofing and can be installed with minimal configuration. Vista wireless connectivity supports 4G LTE and has built-in Wi-Fi that supports auxiliary cameras for 360° views. Operations managers can stream live video, download video events, and access all cameras through a secure and comprehensive portal.

Other key features include:

• Live streaming: check on the conditions of the road, cab and your assets at any time
• Real time drive alerting (in-cab feature): cameras will notify driver of safety events in real time
• Video history review: all videos on the SD card can be accessed remotely or locally at anytime
• Parking mode: cameras will record any events that occur following sudden jolts when the vehicle is turned off
• Event-based notifications: including harsh acceleration or braking, distracted driving traits, harsh cornering, speeding and more

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