Powerfleet recently launched its Partner Portal, enabling channel partners to offer the latest industrial safety technologies to customers. Rather than using product catalogs, the portal allows partners to get instant prices, place orders, and ask questions without going through an account manager, enabling them to provide a higher level of service to their customers.

The new portal makes it easy to:

  • Search products by name or part number– verify by image
  • Receive instant price quotes
  • Obtain shipping time and cost estimates
  • Easily order parts and track orders
  • Place orders at different locations
  • Get invoicing and bill customers faster
  • Reorder parts from an order history
  • Process purchase orders and credit card payments
  • Get equipment back into service faster

The Powerfleet Partner Portal was created to provide greater accessibility, 24/7, to our partners. Now resellers can check the latest and most accurate pricing and streamline ordering processes so they can meet their goals and improve customer service to their clients. Another benefit of the portal is that it provides greater accountability while also empowering our partners’ employees. The portal allows admins to set rules and approvers of the account so that ordering can be more efficient.

Currently, the Partner Portal contains safety accessories and parts, meaning dealers must still contact their account manager for telematics devices. However, we are constantly improving the portal and are open to feedback from our partners—this version is just the first step in providing a better experience to our valued resellers.

Our existing partners can sign up by emailing Powerfleet to request an account at Partner_Support@Powerfleet.com.

Powerfleet Launches E-commerce Portal to Help Partners Serve Customers Share on X

Powerfleet has been dedicated to securing the safety of forklift operators and pedestrians since our inception. Today, we are the only company that provides a full suite of safety solutions for every sized powered industrial truck fleet and warehouse need. We are committed to helping customers  create a culture of safety with our broad suite of in stock and ready-to-go industrial accessories to keep operators, employees, equipment and facilities safe, efficient, and compliant. Preview the portal and see our portfolio of products available..

Becoming a Powerfleet Partner

Powerfleet’s solutions are installed on over 100,000 industrial trucks worldwide, including every brand and type of equipment. With over 20 years of logistics experience and over 25 years of experience in industrial telematics, we provide one of the broadest portfolios of telematics products to help your customers succeed.

The Powerfleet Partner Advantage Program enables dealers to be self-sufficient in our industrial truck management solutions’ sale, delivery, installation, and maintenance. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, contact us today to learn more.

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