Powerfleet Reefer Solution, LV-400 to be Deployed Across PTG’s Entire Fleet

WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J., Feb. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Powerfleet, Inc. (Nasdaq: AIOT), a global leader and provider of subscription-based wireless IoT and M2M solutions for securing, controlling, tracking, and managing high-value enterprise assets, was selected by Panhandle Transportation Group (PTG) to monitor and remotely manage refrigerated trailers and cargo through Powerfleet’s reefer solution, the LV-400.

With the 3G network shutdown on the horizon, PTG needed a roadmap for the LTE transition and, most importantly, maintain complete visibility on its fleet with a high-quality reliable solution. A successful pilot program proved Powerfleet was the unsurpassed partner best equipped to ensure freight visibility and monitoring.

“After using other telematics solutions, we refined our requirements and realized we were in need of a partner with a reliable solution that is prepared for the LTE transition,” said Randy Arceneaux, President & CEO, Panhandle Transportation Group. “Powerfleet has not only prepared us but the visibility and control its LV-400 solution provides will help us to reduce load and loss damage as well as help with overall cost reduction.”

PTG is deploying 525 units of the LV-400 solution which covers its entire reefer fleet. The LV-400 enables users to monitor and remotely manage refrigerated trailers and cargo. The solution delivers around-the-clock refrigerated trailer monitoring regardless of hooked or dropped status including location, set point temperature, inlet and outlet air temperature, fuel level and alarm events with notification occurring in real time. All are accessible on Powerfleet’s web-based user interface.

“Cold chain issues have taken center stage in the transportation industry as safety regulations become more stringent and traditional food supply chains have been disrupted due to the pandemic,” said Mark Stanton, GM of Powerfleet for Supply Chain. “Powerfleet is excited to be chosen as PTG’s long-term partner and we look forward to helping them vastly improve their handling of cold chain requirements and pain points.”

To learn more about the latest Powerfleet solutions, visit www.powerfleet.com.

About Panhandle Transportation Group, LLC

Panhandle Transportation Group, LLC, based in Amarillo, TX was created to manage and control the distribution of goods through its propriety work force and contract carriers in challenging, time sensitive environments. It provides best in class service with an emphasis on safety, compliance and efficiency. PTG distributes fresh produce, meat, and non-food products, as well as dairy products and baked goods to grocery stores and restaurants operating in the Southwest Region.

About Powerfleet

Powerfleet® Inc. (NASDAQ: AIOT; TASE: PWFL) is a global leader and provider of subscription-based wireless IoT and M2M solutions for securing, controlling, tracking, and managing high-value enterprise assets such as industrial trucks, tractor trailers, containers, cargo, and vehicles and truck fleets. The company is headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, with offices located around the globe. Powerfleet’s patented technologies address the needs of organizations to monitor and analyze their assets to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and improve profitability. Our offerings are sold under the global brands Powerfleet, Pointer, and Cellocator. For more information, please visit www.powerfleet.com, the content of which does not form a part of this press release.

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