Cold Chain Solutions

Powerfleet’s SaaS-based solutions are designed to help you gain real-time visibility and data insights in order to proactively detect, monitor, and control temperature across the entire delivery journey.

Purpose-Built Cold Chain Solutions

Imagine a world where cargo monitoring and visibility are no longer issues. With Powerfleet’s cold chain solutions and integrations with all major refrigeration unit brands, you can track in real-time, as well as detect, monitor, and control temperature across the entire delivery journey. Our internal cameras and asset monitors detect movement, humidity, and provide camera visibility, eliminating overpacking, physical damage, and spoilage troubles.

Powerfleet’s solutions also provide regular recordings of container temperatures that need to be delivered within a specific range, allowing your drivers to quickly act before a real problem occurs. Our technology measures ambient temperature and door openings through multiple wireless sensors that regulate different sections of the vehicle based on the size. With digital logs, it is now easier for your drivers to prove food shipments were kept at safe temperatures, decreasing compliance issues, and ensuring adherence to FSMA safety regulations.

Our complete cold chain platform unites IoT tracking devices, reefers and temperature sensors along with a purpose-built smart trailer solution to reduce waste, lower costs, achieve sustainability goals, and improve customer service.

Carrier® and Thermo King® Integration

Our seamless bi-directional integration with Carrier® Transicold and Thermo King® chillers allows users to
remotely control the reefer unit, thus eliminating frequent driver interaction.

Part of Powerfleet’s Unity Platform

Real-time data to drive a sustainable and efficient cold chain operation.

Temperature and Control Monitoring

With Powerfleet, you can experience easy-to-use tools to effectively monitor and control your cargo’s condition. Our temperature monitoring and control solutions support single pallets up to multi-compartment refrigerated trailers, with options for audible in-cab and control room alarms, insight into deviations from pre-defined humidity or temperature thresholds, and remote control of on/off and temperature set point.

Vehicle and Trailer Visibility

Achieve complete visibility of your vehicles and trailers with Powerfleet’s solutions. We help you locate vehicles by type, status, events, and availability as well as provide you with insights into vehicle usage and historical events by location.


Right from the start, Powerfleet enables you to cut costs and gain control of your asset, vehicle, and people utilization. Reducing idling and revving and improving load management can help you decrease fuel consumption. You can achieve this through proactive maintenance scheduling, which ensures greater fleet utilization and decreased down time. In addition, our solutions enable you to control and monitor the conditions of the goods in the warehouse as well as on the road – thus preventing them from being compromised or spoiled. We help you to sustainably save across your fleet immediately and continue to increase your savings over time.

Landmark, Location, and Asset Analysis

Your organization may manage a large inventory of rolling stock, remotely distributed over states and even countries. Losing track of this inventory is not an option. Powerfleet provides you with powerful virtual yard management capabilities to keep your yard secure and accounted for. Our yard check capability enables you to understand how many assets are in a specific geographical location, view an asset’s location in the yard, select the closest asset, and locate them by condition (empty, loaded, dormant). Our cargo status capability accurately and reliably presents you with the percent load status, enables you to see an image of insight the vehicle, and collect critical conditions, such as temperature and doors. Furthermore, our search capability enables you to receive an asset’s latest event status and pull a list of trailers with conditions, such as landmark, dormant timeframe, loaded, and empty.

Third-Party Integration

Powerfleet makes integration simple and easy by offering a flexible API platform, data export, or ingestion option. This allows you to integrate real-time temperature data and visibility of assets, vehicles, and people with all required third-party business systems.

Data Insights and Analytics

Just having access to data isn’t enough. Having historical and real-time temperature data insights helps you make carrier selections based on performance, set temperatures based on seasonality, and understand trends across your reefer assets.

Complete Fleet Management Platform

Your digital transformation doesn’t stop with cold chain and neither do our solutions. Powerfleet’s cold chain solutions are part of our Unity platform, which also features fleet management solutions including safety and security, advanced fuel management, maintenance and performance, regulatory management and compliance, visibility and resource management, and sustainability.

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