Fleet Insurance Premiums

How to Cope with Rising Fleet Insurance Costs

Discover what’s behind fleet insurance premiums and strategies that carriers can use to mitigate these costs.
Traffic Fatalities Trucking

Traffic Fatalities Are on the Rise: Here’s How to Keep Your Drivers Safe

Discover what’s driving the rise in traffic fatalities and how you can protect your drivers and business.
Telematics Value

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Vehicle Telematics

Learn how to get the most value out of your vehicle telematics solutions and maximize your return on investment.

4 Must-Have Automations for Field Service Fleets

Discover four ways to leverage technology to automate mission-critical tasks and open the door to new capabilities.

How to Keep Your Fleet Safe

Learn actionable strategies that you can use to secure your fleet against theft and associated threats.
Lower Fuel Costs

5 Ways to Improve Your Fleet’s Fuel Efficiency

Discover five actionable strategies to improve fuel efficiency across your fleet.
Safe Driving Technology

How to Encourage Safer Driving with Technology

Learn about the high cost of unsafe driving, how to implement the right policies and the role that technology plays in enforcing good behavior.

3 KPIs to Improve Your Service Fleet’s Performance

Learn three telematics-driven KPIs that fleets should track to ensure they are operating at optimal levels.

Automotive World COMMENT article:

Jim Gripp, Product Director at Powerfleet, shares key learnings on connected vehicle fleet technology coming out of the disruption caused by COVID-19.