Fleet Insurance Premiums

How to Cope with Rising Fleet Insurance Costs

Discover what’s behind fleet insurance premiums and strategies that carriers can use to mitigate these costs.

5 Driver Recruitment & Retention Strategies that Actually Work

Learn why driver retention matters and strategies that you can use to improve your recruitment and retention efforts.
Reduce Dwell Time

The (Surprising) Impact of Dwell Time & Strategies to Reduce It

Discover the impact of dwell time and some strategies that carriers and shippers can implement to reduce it.

4 Reefer Challenges & How New Tech Can Solve Them

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The 3G Sunset is Coming: Are You Ready to Upgrade?

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Freightwaves Health & Pharma Summit 2021

Fireside Chat on lessons learned from using cold chain technologies in the pharma supply chain abroad during the FreightWaves Health & Pharma Summit.
Powerfleet Solutions

Fleet Owner Article: Cargo’s future: safe & secure

The article covers some of the most innovative equipment trends in cargo monitoring and securement to help keep fleets, such as Powerfleet's AI-enabled freight camera.

PODCAST Interview with Transport Topics’ Roadsigns

HOW CAN FLEETS HARNESS DATA TO SAVE FUEL AND CUT EMISSION. In the podcast, our CEO Chris Wolfe discusses the logistics technology behind making sustainability in trucking a reality.