I’m a big fan of Ted Lasso, mostly for obvious reasons – it’s funny, charming and deals with the ups and downs we all face in a heartfelt, relatable way. One of the things that makes it so compelling is the relationship between team dynamics and performance.


I love teams – building them, leading them, and simply being a part of them. Great teams are like magic, they enhance everything around them. They make everyone better. We have accomplished a lot in our first year at Powerfleet but what I’m most proud of is the team we are building. This global team is the heart of the new Powerfleet.


“You say impossible, but all I hear is I’m Possible.”
– Ted Lasso


If you had a chance to see our Investor Day presentation back in June, you know we titled our transformation project “Powerfleet Reimagined”. We challenged the team to embrace new ways of thinking about our business. The team responded and we have seen tremendous progress in our first year. But we are just getting started. There is so much more to come.


And today, September 19th, marks a new day for Powerfleet where we bring our new direction and strategy to life with an updated brand identity, including a refreshed look and feel, a new website and most importantly, better reflects the direction of our organization. Part of reimagining Powerfleet is our new innovative IoT platform we call Powerfleet Unity.

  • Unity brings dispersed IoT data points together on a single pane of glass through our Data Ingestion Layer.
  • Unity brings all vehicle and asset types onto the same platform for the broadest view you’ve ever had. And that includes supporting your transition to Electric Vehicle fleets.
  • Unity’s Cognitive Data Engine applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to power traditional operational benefits as well as new data applications to solve some of your most intractable challenges, such as:
    • Advanced Fuel Management – Combine third-party pricing and livestream data with AI, gamification, and integrated incentives to improve driver behavior and optimize fuel usage.
    • Safety and Risk Management –  Over the last 10 years, fatal truck crashes have increased 29% and 90% of forklift trucks are involved in an accident over the course of their lifetime. With ongoing labor shortages and supply chains getting more complex, safety has never been more important. Use Unity’s livestream data to enhance driver coaching and performance to reduce accidents on the road and in the warehouse.  In addition, use third-party data to help identify danger spots for your drivers and proactively work around them to further reduce risk.
    • Sustainability, Electric Vehicles, and Optimized Fleet Performance – Advance your green agenda. Unity is ready to support your organization’s transition to electric vehicles (EV) with hundreds of EV data elements to optimize fleet planning, battery range, EV safety, and maintenance.
    • Fleet Compliance and Maintenance – Unity automates compliance workflows and enables your drivers to focus on getting to their destinations safely and on time. Reduce downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to ensure you don’t overspend or underspend against budget.
    • Unified Operations – With Unity’s 360 degree view of your powered and non-powered assets, you can better support your customers with automated workflows to boost efficiency and reduce errors while improving utilization, which lowers capital costs and helps ensure you have the right equipment available for the job.
    • Data for All – Share Unity’s real-time data insights across your enterprise and with partners by utilizing our Business Integration Layer to create new integrated and scalable workflows.

Powerfleet Unity brings people, assets and data together on a single intelligent platform to transform the way we do business.


The Human Heart of IoT

But what’s really at the heart of the digital transformation? Or any transformation for that matter? One of the prevailing themes in Ted Lasso is the importance of the team. Great teams play with heart. They collaborate and share openly. They share common goals and each person understands their role to make things happen. They show resilience in the face of adversity. It’s the people at the heart of digital transformation. Undeniably people. That’s why our new tagline is People Powered IoT. We have some of the most innovative IoT technology in the world but we know it takes you and your team of people and our people to make it happen. The knowledge that people bring are at the heart of your IoT transformation and is what we are all about.


Right now, there are over 800 Powerfleet team members around the world hard at work transforming businesses. It’s a team I’m thrilled to lead and one with a bright future. We hope you will join us on our journey and learn more about how People Powered IoT can transform your business at Powerfleet.com.


Steve Towe, CEO

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