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We invite you to pre-schedule a meeting with us at the show and explore how Powerfleet can help you save time, lives and money!

We invite you to connect with us at LogiMAT, and explore the resources assembled here for you to learn how you can save lives, time, and money.

About Powerfleet

Powerfleet is a global leader of internet of things (IoT) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that optimize the performance of mobile assets and resources to unify business operations. Our data science insights and advanced modular software solutions help drive digital transformation through our customers’ and partners’ ecosystems to help save lives, time, and money. We help connect companies, enabling customers and their customers to realize more effective strategies and results. Powerfleet’s tenured and talented team is at the heart of our approach to partnership and tangible success.

Safeguarding Your Workforce with Forklift Safety Solutions

We understand the difficulties businesses are facing with labor shortages and increasing wage costs. That’s why we’re committed to helping you cut costs and improve productivity while prioritizing safety.

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Heinz Rothmann

Heinz Rothmann

Project Manager

Scott Walker

Scott Walker

VP, Supply Chain Product Management

Oliver Fischer

Oliver Fischer

Account Manager

Gabi Zada

Gabi Zada

VP Professional Services & BD Management

We Solve Our Customers Greatest Challenges

IoT as intended. State-of-the-art. Reliable. Insightful. Helpful. Transformative. Powerful.

Optimizing Industrial Vehicle Performance: Balancing Safety & Efficiency

Powerfleet provides a complete solution that prioritizes the safety of workers, safeguards equipment, and sustains optimal performance of materials handling equipment, for example forklift trucks. Through its data incident prevention profiles, AI imaging, and equipment usage data, the platform offers valuable insights into preventative maintenance schedules, which can reduce accidents, prevent equipment damage, and ultimately minimize capital expenses related to warehouse products and racking.

Maximizing Fleet Utilization: Overcoming Costly Inefficiencies

Powerfleet’s usage data optimizes industrial vehicle utilization by identifying underutilization, providing procurement forecasting for new or replacement fleets, and reducing the need for unnecessary rental fleets during peak season, avoiding unplanned expenses.

Simplifying Regulatory Compliance: Streamlining Safety and Maintenance Management

Powerfleet simplifies adherence to safety, maintenance, and environmental regulations by automating vehicle inspections, impact management, speed monitoring, and unauthorized access recording. This ensures that only authorized operators use the fleet, while minimizing errors.


Explore these resources developed just for you

Industrial Catalog


Continental Tire Reduces Fleet & Increases Safety with Powerfleet Vehicle Management System

Powerfleet helps drive process costs down and increases productivity, which ultimately lowers our cost per tire and positively impacts the bottom line.


How to Keep Seasonal Workers Safe in Materials Handling

Learn how to ensure seasonal and temporary workers adhere to the highest safety standards.


How Powerfleet IQ Analytics Improves Materials Handling Safety

Learn how analytics can help improve materials handling safety, as well as some tips to implement these practices in your warehouses.


Xerox Increases Safety and Industry Vehicle Use with Powerfleet Vehicle Management System

After deploying Powerfleet, the DC now ensures 100% checklist completion.

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